On group dynamics

Here is the most important but hardest lesson for a group member to learn:

Less Is More.

Everybody — EVERYBODY — has to sacrifice some of their outstanding performance so as to make the group work.

The tank – especially a warrior – gives up DPS and usually some very flashy focused attacks that OWN in order to keep all the aggro.

The kill team must – MUST – throttle their DPS so as to avoid topping the aggro list.

The healer has to be miserly with the heals to ensure there are still heals available when the battle ends — in case it is suddenly extended by visitors, or other unwelcome surprises.

If you’re bragging about topping the damage meter, or casually spamming Greater Heal the instant there’s a shortfall in health, you need to rethink your behavior. Because your excess is hampering the team.


~ by Kirk on July 8, 2007.

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