Love-hate relationship

Warlocks. Can’t work with them, gotta have them.

I love me some warlocks when I’m a priest because regardless of whether I’m shadow or holy I can help them SHINE.  Shadow?  Shadow-weaving, with 10% bonus damage to all that shadow goodness.  Holy?  Renew, or a lightwell, or both, means lifetap is just begging to be used – over and over and over again.  (OOM?  What’s that?)

I hate me some warlocks.  They have no brakes and are – thanks to my help especially – the MOST likely class to blow the top off the damage meter.  They also think they’re a combat class and tend to get INSIDE MELEE RANGE.  Which means not only are they generating huge points of damage, they only need 10% more than the tank’s threat (instead of 30%) to seize aggro.  And since they’re a squishie, this means they’re needing everything I’ve got to keep them alive until the tank can seize aggro back (assuming it’s possible), which means I’m not pausing.  Which means I’m normally DOUBLING my threat value on the tables of every single mob in the place.

Which means that about the time the tank gets the mob off the Warlock, every OTHER mob in combat suddenly decides I’m their favorite snack.  Tank’s used his tricks to save the warlock and cooldowns are still burning, and since I’m trying to stay alive I’m not healing, so party members start dying (freeing MORE mobs to find their favorite snack) and the party wipes.

Mages are almost as bad.  They don’t get the synergy, but they too tend to get too close to the fight.

If you’re a clothie and I realize you’re needing healing because you got too close, I’m going to let you die.  And warlocks, about that synergy thing…

With great power comes great responsibility, and I can always say, “no”.  Tough love hurts, baby.


~ by Kirk on July 16, 2007.

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