Macros for healers

[updated. I’ve hit this again, smarter (I think) and with some extra useful information. Go to Macros – stacking tasks to read it.]

I’ve got a standard macro I have on every one of my heal buttons, thought I’d share.
#showtooltip WHATEVERSPELL
/target [modifier:alt] player; [exists,help,nodead] target; [exists,harm] targettarget; [exists] focus

It is not perfect. It does my basic want, though, which is to ensure I’m not having to hastily retarget for a heal, and if it’s a dense and fast-changing battle the player that needs the heal the most is the one most likely to get it. Its worst problem is that when I use the alt, my target is now ME, and I need to adjust so it returns to someone else.

Right now this means I make a quick tap of my target select key. Ummmm, another macro:
#showtooltip Hunter’s Mark
/target [exists, nodead] focus; [exists, nodead] lasttarget; [exists, nodead] party5; [exists, nodead] party2; [exists, nodead] party3; [exists, nodead] party4; player
Ugly, isn’t it.

Oh – focus. One of my pre-instance checks is to set the focus to the tank. If you substitute that for the macros above you’ll see why I did them in that order.


~ by Kirk on July 16, 2007.

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