Have you oiled yourself recently?

My main’s an enchant. And I’m constantly asked for various int and mp5 and spellpower enchants. Idiots.

Well, not really. But there’s one group of enchants for which I’m never asked, but which I use constantly. Oils. Mana and Wizard Oils (of various levels).

For 30 minutes I can have a constant addition of mana, or an increase to spellpower. The ingredients for most of them (excluding the ones that come from ZG) are relatively cheap – especially when compared to near-comparable permanent enchants (which are lost when you upgrade gear, anyway).

Superior Mana Oil. 14 mana every 5 seconds for the price of one netherbloom, two arcane dust, and an imbued vial. 5 charges. Lasts 30 minutes.

Superior Wizard Oil. Plus 42 spelldamage. As the SMO, except it uses nightmare vine instead of netherbloom.

Even the lower ranks have their versions – and if you get in the habit early it’s addictive. Let’s run the math, shall we?

Minor Wizard Oil needs a maple seed (2 silver), 2 strange dust (varies depending on your server) and an empty vial (20 copper). It increases spell damage by “up to 8”, and can be used by a level 5 or higher player. At level 10 your “power” spell is Smite, a 2 second cast that does 25-31 damage. The modifier for a 2 second cast is .57 for an increase of 4.56 damage per spell — call it 29 to 35 damage, or a change from 28 to 32 average damage. Oh, you’re sneering? Ok, then let’s rephrase it.

That minor wizard oil increased the DPS of smite by 14%. Still disappointed?

As a priest, though – even shadow – you’ll be enamored with the mana stuff more. Minor mana oil can’t be used till level 20, but then it’s going to generate 4 mana every 5 seconds. If that doesn’t trip your trigger, consider that there is a lot of outland gear that is considered really, really good that only does 4 or 5 mp5.

I highly recommend finding an enchanter who’ll make you this oil. Stockpile it, and use it. You’ll be glad you did.


~ by Kirk on July 19, 2007.

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