Players with whom I’ll never…

I have a policy – I’ll not name names when disparaging players. So this post will be full of nameless individuals – people with whom I’ll never group again.

Dear mage. When I tell you I’m healing you too much, I mean it. Putting up a recount that says you’re “only” getting 80% the heals the tank is getting just reinforces this – the tank is supposed to be getting healed, you’re supposed to be out of melee. Take a moment to notice you got more heals than the OFF-TANK, too.

Dear warrior. The argument “You don’t kill so you shouldn’t get loot unless I can’t use it,” will get you ridiculed by more than me. And find yourself with a shortage of healers as you progress through later instances.

Dear (Shadow) Priest. Telling everyone you’ve never played anything BUT shadow means you haven’t got the right to tell me that my healing spec choices are wrong. Nor to spend the entire instance telling people I don’t heal well. You really should not have been surprised when I took you up on your challenge – “I can heal better than you.” Coolness – I swap to my shadow priest to maintain DPS, you take over the healing for this instance, and let’s see, shall we? Well, we saw, didn’t we?

Dear Warlock. When the group has a hunter and a tank, assume you are not pulling. Especially without asking if everyone is ready. That – done three times – is why you were kicked from the group. The fact you got the party wiped twice (and almost three times) before we reached the first boss was merely icing. As an addendum, if you ARE going to use your pet for a tank, don’t use a succubus.

Dear warrior. You are the one who started the look for group. Waiting till everyone is gathered to say, “My armor’s at 20%, I need to get it repaired,” makes you a selfish idiot. As I said then, “well, if that’s an example of your preparation, I’m leaving to find a group that’s not destined to wipe from bad pulls, thank you.” By the way, the second line under my name is my guild. When it’s the same as the another player in your group, assume what you say and do will get back. Which means in addition to your insults, I got to laugh at the screenshot of you being told, “Eight wipes and we’re just to [the second boss]. Zingiber was right, and don’t bother to invite me again.”


~ by Kirk on July 22, 2007.

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