Added some links

I’ve been remiss in adding links – places I go for my WoW reading.

THE reference for shadowpriest play is . Like all forums there’s good and bad, but more of the former than the latter and all specifically for the dark side. I’m still looking for an equally good site for the light side.

As for individuals’ websites, I’ve come to like two priest sites. For the light side there’s Cayleigh’s at . And as balance, but with WAAY to few posts, I’ll reference BRK’s friend the Diet Coke of Evil (still snickering about that name) at [deleted]. They’ve friends of their own who I read rather regularly, but since they’re neither priests nor playmates, I’ll just let you get there from the two I’ve referenced. [4 Sep 2007 removed DCoE’s link.  She changed her site to “invited only”.  I’m uncomfortable giving a public link to someone who wants more privacy.  If she goes public again I’ll undoubtedly link her again. ]

~ by Kirk on July 25, 2007.

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