Aaaaaand, More Reality

This was mis-posted on another blog of mine – one devoted to a multitude of things, but no longer includes WoW.

I knew I was missing something. Spent too long in the light, I guess.

I forgot Shadow Focus. Kiddies, if you’re a shadow priest then you do not want to forget shadow focus — unless you’re only PVP against people your level or lower. (And even then, it’s worthwhile to put one or two points in there.)

It is basically +10 to hit. That simple. And what does +10 to hit do for you? To answer, we need to look at the spell “to hit” function.

In simple, you have a 4% chance of missing a target of equal level. You have a greater chance of missing when they’re of higher level, and less chance of missing (that is, you are more likely to hit) when they’re lower than you. The chance is different for PVP or PVE targets.

For the first two levels different (+/1 or 2), the chance is +/-1% per level. For additional levels the difference is 11% per level for PVE mobs, and 7% per level for PVP players.

In other words, if you cast a spell at a boss 3 levels higher than you, then there is a 17% chance the spell will miss. If you cast a spell at a player 3 levels higher than you, there’s a 9% chance that it will miss. We’ll ignore lower level targets as this runs into the hard cap:

Regardless of modifiers, there will always be a 1% chance you will miss.

OK, back to “to hit”. If you’re level 70 and you’re doing instances, then it’s worth remembering that bosses are level 73. 17% chance of your spells going byebye. To put this in context, assume you have a paper-doll dps rate of 500 – that is over time and with no mis-times or misses. A 17% miss automatically makes the dps 415. Ouch. Now, you put 5 in shadow focus and you’ve made 17% become 7%, and that DPS is partway back, getting to 465 dps. You ‘only’ need another +6 in to-hit gear to get to the +hit cap — that pesky 1% hard miss value.

See why I’m slapping myself? Regardless of anything else, my current shadow build is sacrificing a whopping 10% of its dps by ignoring the focus. Sheesh.

Note that if you’re purely PVP, then you only need to account for the highest leeel player you’ll face. If you’re at the top of the bracket, you need only three points of +hit — two in Shadow Focus in this case. Add additional as necessary. Oh — if you’re a level 40 in battleground, you need +65 to neutralize the level difference against all other players. Just food for thought.

Anyhow, what this means is that the previous post is a blind alley. Smite just doesn’t make up the difference.


~ by Kirk on July 26, 2007.

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