And So, the Plan

The other one posted in the wrong place. Oh, well.

My current spell rotation and talents give me a paperdoll dps of about 540 against a level 73 boss. Not bad, though since I am not tight in getting things applied it’s actually closer to 400 in an actual fight – which IS bad.

Still, with a tweak to talents (mostly adding shadow focus, though there are a couple of other minor tweaks as well) AND adding SW:D as a regular element instead of just at the kill, my paperdoll goes to 650 or so. That’s a little shy of 20%. I still need to get DPS gear, but…

What, SW:D? Yes, I wasn’t including it. See, if it doesn’t kill you it does as much damage to the caster as it does to the target. So I expect to see about 1200 damage to both the target and myself on every cast — roughly every 6 seconds, actually. Thing is, I’ll recover a big part of that from Vampiric Embrace.

Long-term, I’ll need to work on ‘when to start burning it’. Large-health bosses who go nuts at low damage will need balanced attacks – running at the ‘slow’ (but not self-destructive) rate till the precipice is reached, followed by burning the health with SW:D. Practice, practice, practice…

~ by Kirk on July 26, 2007.

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