Soloing Shadow Labyrinth

So, I read on that some shadow priests are soloing Shadow Labyrinth up to the first boss – and some say they’re getting further.

And I say, “suuuuure they did”. And then I say, “well, on the other hand, I’m not an experienced shadow priest, and I don’t have their numbers.” And then I get REALLY STUPID (or smart) and decide to test it.

The answer is that with the lousy gear and numbers I mentioned, if I am really, really careful and fast and a touch lucky, I can solo the first room. Which means these spriests getting further – even (maybe) past the first boss… might be telling the whole truth.

Here’s the basic concept. You get in range. You MC the mob you think is most dangerous, and start fighting the ones that aggroed. At fairly close to the last instant you drop the MC and kill the mob, and then you run out of the instance. You come back in, set up, and do it again.

You can give yourself an additional advantage by having your psychic scream ready – just remember that it is sometimes resisted. IOW, drop the MC, and if your target didn’t die to the SW:D you have a breather to toss a mindblast and/or SW:P on and get the kill anyway.

My timing is bad and I only killed a couple per half-dozen deaths, which meant I didn’t get any loot. Just rep. That said, I’m betting as my numbers go up and my skill improves I can get the kills with a lot fewer deaths. And if I start doing it right I might even get some loot – I think I should, I just haven’t managed it yet.

Bottom line, I have no doubt the instance can be cleared up to the first boss (excluding the demons in the second room), and that by careful movement you can bypass them to get the people in the third room. Which becomes a crapload trickier when you’re trying to run from them to get to the instance and stop pursuit.

But 300 or so rep for the first room is doable with practice. And the skills are useful as well.

~ by Kirk on July 28, 2007.

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