crit, again

I’ve seen a fair amount of discussion saying crit isn’t as good a deal, despite my points on the subject. The turn of the point appears to be based upon the damage from SW:D.

Basically, since SW:D hurts you as much as it hurts the target if it doesn’t kill the target, the argument is that a high-crit SW:D can kill you – or make you very vulnerable and easily killed by the mob/instance. So it’s better to not apply the crit.

In a word, bull.

Assume for a moment that you’ve got +1000 damage on your gear. You’ve got ~45% of damage addition from various talents and trinkets and supporting spells (from warlocks, etc). How much damage does SW:P do? 2600 points is the answer. If you crit what do you take?

3900 points.

Now the ‘rule of thumb’ number for instances is that you need to have about 8000 hp for upper-level instances. The reason is that the heroic single crit or doubletap is going to do around 6000-7000 points (3000-3500 points per hit), and 8K is enough to survive most of the time.

Now ponder. If you SW:D without a crit, your 8000 becomes 5400 – or in the range where you’ll die from a doubletap. If you do crit, your 8000 becomes… 4400. You survive a single, you die to a double.

In sum the argument is, if not specious, stretching to make the point. If you want to quit dying when you take a double-tap on the heels of a SW:D strike, you need to either get more stamina or quit using SW:D.

By the way, I’ve analyzed about half a dozen instance runs now with the crit talent at 3/5. It’s having a slight but measurable effect on my dps rate — about what I projected below. I’ll keep it, and live with the occasional lower-than-expected health from SW:D critical blowback.

~ by Kirk on July 30, 2007.

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