For the theorycrafter

Actually, for the analyst… I cannot recommend wowwebstats (WWS) highly enough. But it’s not intuitively obvious, so let me give a brief overview of what it is and how it works and what you must (and can) do.

What is it? It’s a website that takes your combat log, parses it, and gives you combat stats. Lots of combat stats. What’s the damage you’re doing, what’s your dps (by time in combat), how much healing are you doing, how much time were you out of the combat (usually dead, but…), and on and on. Graphs and numbers.

How it works. You save your combat log. After the battle you go to the webpage and start the wws client. You upload your log. You (inevitably) do a little cleanup. And you generate your report.

Must and Can. You have to let it get your file. That’s it. You SHOULD adjust your combat log range to its maximum (so all events get into the log). You CAN register (free) and then save your report on the WWS server. Or you can selfhost. Or you can just generate, and toss when you’re done. You CAN have the result mailed to you. Or FTPd to your server. Oh, let me say that saving it is a good thing for two reasons. First, you can merge your report with that of anyone else, and discrepancies are resolved – giving you a more complete report overall. Second, you can review and compare with other people who’ve run the same instance — and if you’re careful you can find similar groups.

FWIW, there’s only one thing it doesn’t do that I want. I want to see a timeline chart. That is, a by-the-second (or faster) graph of [subject: damage | heals | etc.] . In a perfect world, that’d be selectable for full battle/instance, and by individual mob(s) targeted.

~ by Kirk on July 30, 2007.

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