Considerations of Vampiric Embrace

I use VE almost all the time – even on the trash pulls. But I do so fully knowing the risks. And I think I’ll share that knowledge.

The basic problem with VE is that all your damage creates more threat. It does both damage threat and healing threat. If you are a high-dps kinda person, then there’s a darn good chance that you, not your party’s healer, are becoming target number one for any mobs being crowd controlled. Or who aren’t taking much damage.

In my experience, when there are more than three mobs in a group, healing is going to peel off the fourth and somebody is going to have to make a rescue move. If you’re using VE, that means you are as likely to be the fourth’s new buddy as the party’s dedicated healer.

On the other hand – and this is the final point that makes me go with it – by running VE while the healer’s healing, neither of us is getting all the aggro. I’m usually picking up everyone but the tank, and the healer’s got the tank, and if everything’s doing right there just isn’t that much threat building.

Usually. Because if I’m seeing a constant run of green numbers all over the place, I know we’re going to have trouble. I don’t know if the trouble’s coming to me or to the healer, but it’s coming. At which point I note what my primary healer is. If he or she is better armored than me – pally, druid, you know the drill – then I don’t refresh VE. If it’s another clothie, well, I plan to take one for the team. Because when push comes to shove, losing me doesn’t usually hurt as bad losing the healer. And in that case, saving the healer some mana won’t hurt in the long run.


~ by Kirk on August 1, 2007.

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