Grandmaster Vorpil, a tactic

Let me open by saying I’ve rarely seen only one successful tactic for most battles — especially when you have not only various mixes of gear and talents but other party members. I try never to say “THE” tactic. That said, there are some that work consistently for me. So whenever possible I do prefer them.

For those who have not been to Shadow Labyrinth in Auchindon (Terokkar forest, Outland), I invite you to read up on him at his page on Wowwiki.

My preferred tactic is one of the kiting variations, where he is pulled down a hallway away from his voidwalkers. However, I have a preferred, specific task I like to add.

I like to open with a triple-tap — SW:P, VE, VT — on Vorpil. I then tripletap each void traveler as it spawns. About the time I’m tapping the last (fifth) void traveller, it’s approaching time to update Vorpil’s DoTs if he’s still in range. At my particular damage bonus, the Travelers die approximately 15-18 seconds after spawning – yes, even with their shadow resists. Since I’ve the ISW:P talent, I’ve got two extra ticks ‘just in case’. The thing is, the beasts die before they reach the Grandmaster. Even better, each is giving every member of the party about 850 health and about 170 mana. Rinse and repeat till the Final Dash, at which point I join the rest of the party in killing Vorpil. One last task — I can, if necessary, use my Mind Flay to slow any Travelers which are too close. Sure, it wastes more of my SW:P, but this is a boss fight – sacrificing mana to win is always fine as long as we win.

I tend to send my shadowfiend after the Grandmaster right after the first Draw Shadows (while I’m fleeing the Rain of Fire) as most groups with which I’ve pugged aren’t exactly chart-toppers for DPS. Which means by the time we enter the Final Dash my fiend’s cooldown has finished – which means I’m going to bring yet another ~75dps to the party.

It maximizes my strengths, and minimizes some weaknesses. The biggest weakness?

If we’re kiting Vorpil away from the Travelers, using MF on Vorpil (and slowing him down) is a bad idea. And over half my DPS requires me to stand still – also not in line with the concept of kiting the mage.

There are other tactics and tactical variations. I just thought I’d share.


~ by Kirk on August 9, 2007.

3 Responses to “Grandmaster Vorpil, a tactic”

  1. Vorpil is very much a dps-based fight. Once you get your dps high enough, you can tank him just below his little altar thingy and not have to do any kiting at all.

    As a bonus, this actually helps up the dps on its own, since (as you mentioned) most classes can’t dps and move at the same time.

    If the group has a good healer, you might try focusing more on just dpsing him down rather than keeping up your mana/health battery – as a spriest, your dps is certainly nothing to sneeze at, and he’s a much easier fight if you don’t have to split your dps up to muck about with his adds.

    Totally dependent on your gear/group situation, of course. We had to do the kiting at first because we couldn’t kill him fast enough.

  2. as Ego siad i find the best move with this guy is to kick the crap out of him and totaly ignore the voids. Have the tank hold him in one spot and kite only slightly to get away from the voids. If he is still alive after the first teleport kite slowky down the hallway towards Murmur, with solid dps he should die there.

  3. Again, not THE tactic but A tactic. I’ve seen both the “stay in place” and the “Kite” work — and fail.

    I think the key statement was made by Ego. The kite’s easier for lower dps groups most of the time.

    So this Spriest tactic is good when you’re a lower-geared party. If you’re taking on Kara, then the ‘kick the crap out him’ plan works easily. Adjust tactics based on your party makeup and gearing.

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