Reconnaissance – mind vision

How often have you been in a party that lacked a stealthing player (rogue or druid) and wondered what the layout was around the corner? For that matter, how often – even WITH the stealth players – have you had a clue what the layout was going to be before the battle even began?

You, as a priest, have one of THE most effective tools for seeing the situation. And the odds are you almost never use it. Allow me to remind you of the spell Mind Vision.

Level 1 – at level 22 – is impressive. Range 100 yards. Channeled, “Allows the caster to see through the target’s eyes for 60 sec.” You have to have line of sight to the target. But – and this is really, really important – it generates NO THREAT even if it fails.

So you get where you can barely see a target in the room – any target will do. cast the spell, and start telling everyone what you see without ANY chance of pulling. If you are the group leader, you can mark the mobs (see the Marking article for more on that). You can even do this if the other players are scouting — make your own assessment of what you’ll need to do as the battle proceeds, and have input on the battle plan because YOU HAVE SEEN THE FIELD OF BATTLE. Oh, that’s nice, and it only cost 65 mana.

But it pales in comparison to Mind Vision Rank 2, which you get at level 44. The tooltip for that reads: “Allows the caster to see through the target’s eyes for 1 min. Will not work if the target is in another instance or on another continent.” What? Another continent or instance? wtf?

The range is 50,000 yards – 60,000 if you’ve got the right talents. You do NOT HAVE TO BE IN LINE OF SIGHT to use it.

Pick a mob, any mob. target it. Cast Mind Vision 2. Enjoy looking around with NO THREAT.

Let me mention a gotcha, and a use.

If you target a trash mob, you get the nearest. In some instances, the nearest may not be in the next room, especially if the path twists, turns and doubles back.

One use I have for this spell is when I’m wanting a rare named mob in an instance – one who could be anywhere. I enter the instance and /target [name of the mob]. If that mob is in the instance, the target appears. I can then use my mind vision to see where it is, and what’s nearby.

Recall that I can use the raid icons from the eyes of my target? I can also chain-process the mind vision – even MV1. I can cast to a target I can see, use that to see another and cast to that, and so on till I reach the limits of my range. Oh, one of those targets can be friendly. So I can start by targeting my party’s rogue who stealths around to see the nasty group of mobs, to which I can jump and continue. In simple, after level 22 the only reason I should be denied a look at what’s around the corner is if there’s something else in the way – like a gate or a door.

Oh — mind vision works in battlegrounds. MV2 can see the entire battlefield (except AV) from just about anywhere. Hunting a flagcarrier? Target the name and cast. Note, please, that it has some weaknesses. Not least, Vanish will drop it.

Even so, using it will give you a significant increase in awareness of the battlefield – be it PVP BG or PVE Instance or, well, questing along. See, know, and communicate. It’s a deadly thing for the other side, PVE OR PVP.

~ by Kirk on August 13, 2007.

5 Responses to “Reconnaissance – mind vision”

  1. I am SO going to have to play with this.

    I didn’t realize I could use the /target soandso — from a non-instance viewpoint, does that work on players? Like if I’m waiting at a summoning stone and someone’s in Shattrath and I want to see if they’re REALLY just grabbing a stack of water, or if they’re really afk or chatting with friends?

  2. Yes, sorta. You can see if they’re facing or near a vendor for water. You can’t see if they’re chatting with someone — though if their character is just standing there, it’s a decent indicator. And for afk, a quick /who is sufficient.

    The restriction is same continent or instance. No peeking inside BGs or Arenas or instances or over to Kalimdor while you’re in Outland. But for MC2, that’s about it for limits.

  3. MV2 can see the entire battlefield (except AV) from just about anywhere.

    What is this restriction in AV?

  4. @Melnayo – range. 50,000 yards is a long way, but corner to corner AV’s a bit bigger. You can’t see Wildpaw from Irondeep, for example.

  5. […] perch and Mind Vision random people just to see them freak out over the debuff. Kirk also has an article about the uses of this spell. Basically you can chain the Mind Vision in order to see around a […]

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