Admin note: category requests

In my real life I do information retrieval kind of things, and I recognize I’ve done a lousy job of indexing – of making what I’ve written easy to find and retrieve. So, I’m going to request category suggestions. Things that will help you find what you’re trying to find faster – not just the specific post but the posts that relate to it – are what I want to know. From professional training and personal experience I’ll note that a category list of a hundred items is far too long.

Later I’ll add a “frequently read posts” or “Priestly Lessons” or something so certain posts can be found swiftly. I’m just not yet certain which ones need to be in that list. Again, you’re welcome to make suggestions – I do read and pay attention to comments.


~ by Kirk on August 14, 2007.

6 Responses to “Admin note: category requests”

  1. Do you use add-ons or macros? Have you discussed them? That’s one category. Another would be template suggestions/builds. You have parties–but there are different kinds of parties: Perhaps separate Raiding into its own category? (Not being a raider, I only assume it’s a bit different from a 3-man, or a casual 5-man in Ramparts.)

  2. Thank you. Those are good suggestions and I’ll add them to the little file I’m making.

    You will probably not see build templates from me. A discussion of particular talents, sure. But while there are a few talents that almost always show up in shadow or healer builds, there are far too many options for me to say “do this”.

    Probably. I could change my mind, though. So I’ll keep it in mind – again, thanks.

  3. That’s something I’ve been trying to do myself. There are still a few categories that I have which don’t make me happy but I don’t have a better name for.

    What you’ve got over there seems pretty straightforward at the moment, and is probably more useful for the new visitor than mine is.

    If I’m looking for a particular post, I’ll probably use the search box, but my favorite posts of yours are often the ones that would fall into a ranty/soapbox/advice type column. That and spell review stuff – where would you categorize your Shadowfiend post on what you’ve got there?

  4. Oh! And how do you want your name credited when I get the trackback/inter-blog commentary thing?

  5. Oh shoot…I knew I was forgetting one, and Ego jumped right on it: Rants (Soapbox, whatever–but you’re a priest: Call ’em Sermons? *grin*).

  6. Oh, I like that idea, but not “sermons” itself. hmmmm. (pull out thesaurus)… address, advice, discourse, exhortation, harangue, homily, lecture, lesson, moralism, tirade…

    Discourses, I think.

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