Marking revisited

I make mistakes. (gasp, NO!  ok, so much for sarcasm.)  Fortunately, I’m willing to admit it and fix them.  Even better, I’ve friends who are willing to help me identify them so they can be fixed.  This one’s a case in point.

 Here you’ll find a nice, long discussion on marking – selecting the order of kill and the crowd control priority.  It’s… off, slightly.   I’ve made edits with in, but you may not want to re-read the whole thing.  So here’s the corrected summary.  If you don’t get it, read the original.

The kill order is correct.  The marking, however…  Do not start with the most dangerous non-combat multiplier.  Instead, your CC should start with the number two target on your kill order list, regardless.


~ by Kirk on August 18, 2007.

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