It saddens me…

Some personal weepage – you’re welcome to read and advise, but since it’s a personal (but in-game) situation, I may feel compelled to ignore you completely. (evil grin)

I’ll probably be leaving my current guild. I’ve resisted for quite some time but…

I like the guildmaster, but she and her number two had a Real Life crisis that had them out of the game for a month and a half. We tried to keep it together but there were other factors.

One factor is that the guild has tried to be all things to all people. I’ve already posted the problems with this, but on the GM’s return it actually got worse. I play on a “normal” server (I’ll discuss my issues with PVP servers another time) and on their return they decided they wanted to do horde as well as alliance play. Which means instead of leading the guild they’re leveling their horde characters.

And the guild is small. We had a spasm (sadly, I contributed) that had a good hunter leave. And not so long ago the Arena-oriented players decided we weren’t helping them enough and they left. And a few others have drifted away — we may be too small to sustain ourselves, actually.

On the inertia side, I am a guild officer. I was one of the three asked to try to keep the guild stable (not developing, but stable) during the GM absence. I’m also the guild enchanter, and have control of a LOT of mats that aren’t rightly mine. And the guild did provide assistance for me reaching 70. And I do still have friends in the guild. Worst of all, if I leave – since I’m not doing it in anger but as part of the slow disintegration – I suspect I’ll be the reason the guild dissolves.

There is also the question of where I go. I could start a guild – I’m pretty good at it – but I’m a casual player and a guild-leader needs to either be or be close to someone who can be on the game frequently. My casual status works against me joining a raiding guild as well, though that’s really what my current character is ready for.

I will work it out. I’ve pretty well decided I’m leaving, so that’s one burden gone. The questions are timing and what next.

One of the biggest what next issues is a final decision on my spec. I’ve spent time and money getting my shadow-side practiced, and it’s really, really fun. It’s also extremely important if I am going to be solo for a while — holy just doesn’t grind well. One last downside is that I’ve noticed there is more call for DPS than Heal in the LFG.

On the other hand, I prefer healing in a party. Even though a healer doesn’t grind as well and it doesn’t get called for LFG as frequently as other healer classes work better for specific applications… I prefer healer over shadow about 55% of the time. Note the margin – shadow is FUN, and so I’m not abandoning rule #1 to do this.

What I’ll probably do is put out some messages to some friends in raiding guilds, asking: a) Do they have openings, and b) preference Heal or Shadow.

But I’ll be keeping an eye on the idea of running my own guild as well. Because there are players I know who’ve offered to join if I do, and it’s tempting…


~ by Kirk on August 21, 2007.

5 Responses to “It saddens me…”

  1. Good luck to you – it’s never easy to see a guild fade, and it’s always hardest on the people who tried the most to keep it going. But, cold comfort though it may seem, you’ll always have your friends list. 🙂

  2. An unhappy decision, and one I understand and do not envy you.

    I hope you find the right decision, and find a guild that deserves you.

  3. Unfortunately, even in WoW nothing is forever. But I’m sure a person of your ability will have no doubt finding a new home.

    On another note, regarding your dilemma about healing and dealing damage, personally I believe you should do what YOU want to do and not what someone else wants. Either way, there is always a demand for a good healer. If you want to become shadow, then stay shadow. If you want to be holy and heal, then do it. You’re paying $15.00 a month to play this game and you deserve to play it how you see fit not how a guild wants you to play.

  4. All, thanks for the sympathies.

    Matticus, the reality is I like both modes at different times. I’ll probably shift to heals anyway just because I like it a little better, but shadow is a long way from unpleasant. My rule #1 is what you said:

    It’s supposed to be fun. If it isn’t, do something else.

  5. Some people enjoy working with others more than playing a specific class. I rolled a priest because I thought that would allow me to most effectively cooperate with my friends. Turns out I went shadow to level and have been that way ever since, but if my friends really needed a healer instead of dps, I would probably change because I enjoy teamwork more than dps’ing.

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