A bit of blogroll addition

I’m generally leery of adding blogs to my roll for other classes. Not least, you’re coming here for priest stuff. But…

I’ve got BigRedKitty over there for a while because one of my two alts is a hunter. That’s probably my second favorite class to play (third being warrior), and while there are several really good hunter blogs, his is the one that got me excited enough to go back and get Urtica from 10 to 38 (and climbing). Others were interesting but… didn’t hit the sweet spot.

I’m going to add a warrior blog, too, but it’s solely because of one post to which I keep returning. Actually, two posts because the ‘really good’ references another useful post for warriors. The Positive Warrior wrote an article on tanking multiple targets, which references the numbers he posts in Threat Generation. The synergy of healpriest-tank means understanding how the tank works will help you be better as well.

I expect to add more other-class links as well, but generally I’ll try to keep them useful for you, the priest. I’m looking for a good druid-tank, for example — the player doesn’t have to be the best, it’s the information and ability to pass it to non-druids that’s going to get my link.


~ by Kirk on August 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “A bit of blogroll addition”

  1. For a good Druid tank blog, you might consider Amanna’s “Adventures in Azeroth”: http://nedruid.wordpress.com/

    He’s taking a bit of a hiatus from posting right now but will hopefully return soon!

    Big Bear Butt (seriously) is new on the scene but might be worth watching: http://bigbearbutt.blogspot.com/

    Great site, by the way!

  2. @Phaelia,
    I frequently use Amanna’s gem information. And I think it’s a good druid blog. Two strikes for my use, though. First is the one you mentioned – an indefinite hiatus. Second is that I really haven’t found anything that a priest can use to UNDERSTAND that weird nature-lover working alongside him. There’s too much assumption that you’re a practicing druid.

    On the other hand, thanks for pointing me at BBB. It’s early yet so I’ll wait and see, but what is there is rather promising.

    and thanks. I try…

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