Pulling some things together

So, after a lot of talking (see the post on guild communication), I’ve a plan. Since I’ll inflict the consequences on you, gentle readers (grin), I’ll pass it on in outline.

I’ll be staying in the guild. I’ll be creating a ‘guild within the guild’ – the upper-instance section – for which I’m leader (gulp). I’ll keep my other duties (not particularly onerous – guild enchanter, priest trainer). You’ll get things off that as they strike my fancy. Some, however, you get sooner. To wit…

There are five of us in the initial group, and I get to persuade them to take particular specs. The players are a rogue, a warrior, a paladin, a priest (me), and a mage. Now I am quite aware that with the power vested in me PLUS the permission of these five players I could order the group to be absolutely “standard”. This happens to violate my rule one – If it’s not fun, don’t do it. And rule two(g for guild) – communicate. So I asked them what role they really, really wanted.

Of first interest to me, the Paladin wanted to tank. And adding to “isn’t it nice when a plan comes together”, the warrior wants to dps. Which means I will be a healerpriest again. The mage likes crowd control games and tricks, which is fortunate as he’s the best candidate for primary CC, as well as dps. And the rogue is an excellent performer in whom I have complete trust: backup CC, and he’ll be killteam leader.

There are three other players of whom I need to take note in planning. First is a non (ex) guildie on whom I have a lot of leverage (as my RL daughter -grin), a healadin. I know how good a healer she is not just from bias but because she got invited (repeatedly) to join one of our server’s top raiding guilds. I’ve got two more warriors on the way up – one is dps oriented, one is a tank. (heh – unlike almost every other guild on the server, we’re tank and healer heavy — it’s DPS we’re lacking. Is it any wonder I’m comfortable switch-hitting?)

Articles you can expect from this include:

An explanation of my talent choices as I respec;

A discussion of how, as a healer, to work with a tankadin;

… and that’s all I KNOW I am going to add to the queue. Actually, I think I’ll add those two to the head – the stuff in line (like tier two talent analysis and early reports on the fade experiment and a discussion of weapon choices and… ) can wait.

~ by Kirk on August 22, 2007.

One Response to “Pulling some things together”

  1. Share some of the tanking and healing wealth, won’t you? >__>

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