IMP Fort vs Silent Resolve

In the Big Ugly Posts, one of the most frequent disagreements with my selections was in regard to a single point in Discipline’s tier two. Basically the choice was between maxing Improved Power Word: Fortitude or maxing Silent Resolve. Herewith, a discussion and comparison.

The point in IPW:F adds 15% (from 15 to 30) to the stamina given by Power Word: Fortitude. The max rank of both PW:F and it’s equivalent prayer gives a base of 79 stamina. The point is therefore worth (rounding) 12 Stamina, or 120 health, to every player (and their pets) in the party. For context, at pre-heroic 70 your fellow player’s pre-buff health tends to range from 6000 to 9000 – with exceptions each way.

The point in SR gives a threat reduction of 4% (from 16 to 20). It also gives a +4% (again, from 16 to 20) chance of your spells resisting being dispelled. This latter point tends to be forgotten, but is of definite weight in some circumstances — such as when facing a debuffing foe. (Or, though not applicable in my healer spec discussion, when you’re shadow and you want your SW:P to stick.)

Pre-heroic/Kara level 70s tend to have health ranging from 6000 to 10,000 points. 120 points is, at best, 2% of the base. Every single mob hits for significantly more – enough that if 120 points is making the difference between life and death you have LOT of problems.

On the other hand… if 4% aggro reduction makes the difference between more healing and being George, you’re in one of two situations. Either you’ve got a terrible tank, or you’re doing WAAAY more than 120 points of healing.

If things are going well, neither of these talents matters at all. If things are not going well, the question boils down to which is more likely to matter. And the ‘point of commonality’ is – at what point does this difference cause the healer to become george (either because they have to heal the difference or because the player dies, doesn’t really matter.) Given that if the 120 points is making the difference between living or dying the player’s WAY down, the healer is going to shovel a lot of health.

And healing the little guy – the 6000 pointer – of almost all his health is about 6000 healing, which is about 3000 threat, of which 4% is 120 threat. Add in spreading across multiple mobs and range mitigation and…

4% is about as insignificant in the grand scheme of things for a level 70 as 120 health.

In the end, it’s a matter of comfort. Which gives you that little bit of blankie — a smidge more health, or a bit less chance of becoming George?

Think about it, choose your preference, and have fun.


~ by Kirk on August 23, 2007.

5 Responses to “IMP Fort vs Silent Resolve”

  1. Just to note – big fluffy beats with heart of the wild – IE all decent feral tanks – get 12hp per point of stam in bear form.
    So thats actually 120*1.2 = 144 hp for a NELF
    And for a tauren 120*1.2*1.05= 151 hp
    So in fact, 144 or even 151 hp extra :O.
    This may put your calculations out a bit =p

  2. beats should read bears 😦

  3. In detail, yes. In the grand scheme of things, “If, at level 70, 151 hp will mean the difference between life and death, you have a LOT of problems.”

  4. True, but also slightly misleading.

    As a buff, think about that 151 hp x the number of people in your group.

    You’re padding more than just the tank there.

    Of course, I agree that if you’re deciding between a single point and where to put it, I would also put it in the threat reduction…but personally, I found another point that was otherwise wasted and spent it on the improved buff. =]

    TEA AND CAKE OR DEATH! ….well, I’ll have the chicken.

  5. From a PvE Raid perspective, every priest must have 2 points in Imp Fort, simply for buffing and equality. If you don’t have the Imp Fort, then you better at least have DS. That or you are buying me stacks of candles to buff your groups 😉

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