A few more blogroll additions

A couple more links are added to the blogroll.

First, the definitive healpriest guide is a forum link — and if it ever disappears a lot of us are going to cry, a lot.  Nightshroud’s Lux et Umbra.  I’ve included a separate link to the google spreadsheet she has created.  Though not as complex as the one created for the shadow side, I reference it frequently both for posts and for other decisions.

One of my regular commenters, Galadria, has a blog page called The Holy Light.  I do not agree 100% with her decisions – for that matter, I don’t think any of us agree 100% with the rest of us – but I’ll state based on her posts I’d ask her to be my healpriest for my non-healers any time.  Good priest.


~ by Kirk on August 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “A few more blogroll additions”

  1. Thanks for the link! I really like your blog so this means a lot to me. Let me add that I’m getting ready to respec for raiding and I thought I had it all figured out… your posts last week gave me a lot to think about!

  2. You are, of course, welcome.

    And if you figure it all out, please pass it along (grin). I’m still finding things I thought I knew that aren’t so, and things that I didn’t know at all, and…

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