Macros again – labels

Instead of a detailed macro, I want to discuss something that’s always present but never mentioned — and which has been critically useful for me in the past.

When you create your macro, you choose an image and a name.

(so what, you ask?)

I have all my heal-spells running as macros. Even if the spell is “/stopcasting; cast <spell>”, it’s there. Oh, there’s usually more, but this is about the labels.

My Greater Heal spell is labeled 3500. My Renew and my Flash heal are 1900 and 1800 respectively. My downranked FH is 750. PoM and PoH are, well, exactly that.

Now as you get practiced you know what buttons to push at any given moment — for about a third of the buttons. But there’s always that time you need something else. And while the pictures – icons – are nice, some of them are…. peculiar. Which means a label can help it all come together.

asst – target whatever the kill team leader is targeting;
tank – target the tank; …

Notice something peculiar yet? You’re only going to get three or four characters on your icon. You’ll have to abbreviate like mad – but that’s ok. Because what you pick is going to be what works for you.

I recommend macros for a host of reasons, but this simple reason itself can be a massive time-saver for the casual player.

Have fun.


~ by Kirk on August 27, 2007.

One Response to “Macros again – labels”

  1. Heheh…very good advice. Once I got GH7, I figured out what my FH could do, dropped the first 2 (or 3?) ranks of GH, and put the rest on my bar (I use Bongos2) with the approximate (low-end) heal value. Don’t have a lower rank FH though…will definitely look into that.

    But it’s nice if I have the time to throw a 2500-pt heal at the mage, that I’m not overhealing by 100%–and I have that extra mana for when I need to spam a couple GHs on the Tank.

    But even better: For those spells I don’t use often (e.g., Mind Control–although I think that’s going to become a regular part of my arsenal) a short label will make it a LOT easier to find & cast.

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