Please use this addon

No, not a specific… well, actually, yes, I do have a specific one I would like all you readers to load. I’ll get to that in a minute.

Friends and acquaintances, there are a lot of useful tools that are only sorta useful if you – or someone else in the group – are the only one using it. The number one example of this is the threat meter. Number two is damage meters. And then there are odd ducks like – no, I’ll wait till closer to the end.

Here’s the deal. Most of these programs will try to catch everything that’s going on in the log. But the only thing they’re going to catch for sure is actions to and from you.

The threat meter tries to estimate how much threat the tank is generating, but without getting shared input it’s pretty much going to rely on damage. If the tank has a threatmeter loaded, however, you’re going to get a MUCH better picture of where you are in relation — and so will be able to know if you can go full throttle or need to pull it back a bit. Sure, the TANK doesn’t care about your aggro – not officially. Just remind him that if you know, you won’t be forcing him to taunt or seal or whatever – which is usually a desperation ploy (with cooldown to make it painful). And if EVERYONE is running threatmeters, then – provided everyone is watching their warning meters – the kill team is going to be able to put ‘just enough’ dps. The most they can, but not quite enough to become George. The tank should ALWAYS be George, and this helps everyone help George, I mean Tank, do that.

I’m most comfortable recommending two threat meters. KTM aka KLH Threatmeter, and Omen . Omen will read the output from KTM, but KTM’s author has refused to modify anything to read Omen’s output. Normally I’d expect this to mean KTM is the better choice, but Omen is smaller and does, well, everything I need it to do. Including (like KTM) configurable warnings (what happens, and at what level, in relation to what other players.) Please note that there are other threat meters out there, and some may be very good. I’ve just never used them and won’t recommend what I haven’t seen.

The second category – damage meters – looks at first glance to be a tool for epeen. And in fact healers are going to be wondering why they should bother. The answer for healpriests is – so your DPSers and Tank will load the threatmeter. Fair’s fair, after all. The better answer is that a good damage meter – as discussed in other threads – is a useful tool for analyzing play, which in turn will (hopefully) lead to BETTER play. All the good ones will do a lot more than “who’s the biggest damage dog” – though they’ll support that as well. The three I recommend with little reservation are: Damagemeters, Recount, and SWStats (yes, it’s a forum. Look in info for the download).

Aaaand, the other thing. Some things need larger groups, and people often see even less need. But in this case, I’m going to ask you nicely anyway – as a theorycrafter and stats kinda nerd, but with absolutely no personal connection – go download censusplus. This’ll require a bit more effort because you have to have it scan while you’re playing – though you can set it up to do this automatically. And after you’ve exited, you have to (not automatically) upload the resulting file. But what it’s doing is getting a census of your server. How many – of your faction and server – players are race/class/level. The data is kept current at — and you can certainly look around. Heck, I used the numbers for a recent post, and may do it again, so I feel kinda obligated — except I also want better numbers. The more folk update the data, the better the data will be. This isn’t the only place for shared data. Thottbot and allakhazam and Wowhead also have data-uploaders — it’s how they have so many finds of item X or price GGSSCC for everything. If you use these places, give a thought to downloading their data collectors and after each day’s play send an upload to them — because in all the cases here, the more data, the more likely the “real deal” will be known.

And have fun, regardless.


~ by Kirk on August 28, 2007.

One Response to “Please use this addon”

  1. Ahh – one thing to recognize – KLH only does general threat – Omen does it specifically to each mob. With Omen u target a mob and see instantly how much threat you have on that one mob in relation to others.

    Omen will read KLH”S data but it wont be accurate past the first mob due to the fact KLH isn’t mob specific

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