Rezzing etiquette

[Warning – rant.  Aimed at non-rezzers. Duck…]

As a priest, one of the most annoying things I encounter on a consistent basis is when the party wipes (5-man), and one or two players sit at their corpses and wait till I run back to get a rez.  There are actually times to do this, but this isn’t one of them.  The thoughts that cross my mind start with the word “lazy” and go downhill from there.

Now let’s be fair.  A party wipe – especially if the group’s not running very fast – is an excellent time to go AFK.  But if you’re going to do so at least be courteous to say so.  But if you’re not going AFK, or even if you are, there are some things to consider.  Not least, you just added minutes to the time we can actually get started.

If I have to run back and rez everybody, then in addition to running time (during which my mana pool regenerates) I have to rez everybody, refill my mana pool, and rebuff everybody, and refill my mana pool again.  Oh, and “heal me plz”.  (what, you don’t have bandages?)  Which means a third — or fourth in some cases – trip to the drinking fountain.  Unless we brought a mage, I’m drinking because YOU were too … because you didn’t want to run.  An unfortunately large minority of you then COMPLAIN because I took to long or you’re having to wait for me to drink or I didn’t rez you first or I didn’t heal you all the way…

What you did was double the amount of time we had to wait before we could continue.  Took too long?  Here’s a mirror, buddy, go look for someone who cares.

Of course, that’s assuming you fully cleared everything from entrance to wipe and there are no ambushers.  I am squishy, and am known as “tastes good, in new easy to open package” to most mobs.  When that mob you all bypassed because it was out of the way finds me, we just got ANOTHER delay as I die and run back AGAIN — only I have MORE armor repairs to pay for.  Do not expect me to be jolly, generous or forgiving when this happens.

Of course you can make it worse.  You could have died in aggro range of the mobs NOT killed during our wipe.  It’s happened.  Of course if you whine at me THEN for not rezzing you (and for the EVEN LONGER delay as we work around aggro range to get to you), then unless I really, really need this instance – and haven’t had my masochism fix for the day – I’m giving the party a choice: me or you, but one of us is gone.  Remember that mirror I gave you?  Keep it so you can always find a friend.

If it’s a full 5-man party that wipes, then GENERALLY you should all rez, meet at the entrance, and run back together.  See, before we’re back to the wipe point I’ll have picked up enough mana to buff everyone, and maybe even to toss some renews so we’re all ready to go as soon as we arrive.  At worst, it’s a SHORT pause to finish prepping.  And since we’re running in a pack, mobs that want to chew on me have to get through the user-UNfriendly packaging of, well, you.

OK, I said there are exceptions.  OBVIOUSLY, if it’s not a full wipe wait to see if someone else has a single-shot rez like the Goblin Jumper Cables (or the warlock gave the healer a soulstone or, well, you get the idea).  If that happens it’s loads easier to find you and rez you if you’re near your body.

And if – though I can’t think how – everybody leaving makes problems for continuing, then someone should stay and be rezzed.

And sometimes you HAVE to deal with a real-life issue, in which case you say so and ask if you can be rezzed – and I (for one) will oblige without much complaint at all.

But waiting for the rezzer to run there and then complaining about it?

Mirror.  Bye.

~ by Kirk on August 31, 2007.

3 Responses to “Rezzing etiquette”

  1. Revel in your out of combat Resurrection! At least it’s there to annoy you. In my own groups as a Restoration Druid, everyone walks back because there’s no other option. Never was this more painful than Heroic Arcatraz. Every single death (and there were several since it was our first time through) meant 5 minutes wasted while said person moseyed back to the instance. Oy. ^_^

  2. Phaelia – Oh, I chortle gleefully – well, I take it in stride, I only chortle when I think of druids – when I rez one or two people. It’s the WIPES that cause the frustration.

  3. That said, our Rez is useable as wipe control xD

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