Secondary uses of the frisbee

I’ve come to be very fond of the frisbee – moreso than before. It’s letting me evaluate non-melee players, and know when I’ve got some that need… if I were guilded with them I’d say training but as it is I’ll just say they’re not on my “invite to fill a heroic run” list.

We all know – or should – how the frisbee works. Quick sum for the non-priests who just dropped by, however. It’s the Prayer of mending, a spell that sits on the target and heals them when they are hit. (A reactive patch). Then it jumps to someone else to do it again.

The constraints of the jump are what are so frigging useful. 20 yards — melee range. And to the player with the lowest PERCENTAGE of health in that range. ie – a 10,000 warrior and a 6000 mage are equally down (say, 2500 down) then the mage catches the frisbee — ~40% down is worse than 25% down.

Notice what I just said. The mage. Why is a mage catching the frisbee?

There might be times, of course. Some battlefields absolutely require it due to terrain or the way the boss moves around. but…

I have a list of mages, warlocks and hunters who CONSISTENTLY get healed by the frisbee. Not just catching it, but getting heals (as in, taking more damage). Oh – from trash mobs.

Last night I did an SV run. On boss battles and some mob runs the frisbee just bounced between the warrior tank and the druid dps – pinging back and forth… it was beautiful. But going back through the logs, I discovered the mage got a lot of heals. Over 35% once the boss battles were separated out. If he were in my guild I’d quietly whisper and suggest he’s staying a little too close, and if things get nasty he’s not getting any of my heals. As it is… I have a little list, and he’s joined it.

Priests, please analyze your performance afterword. And that of your guildmates. If you look for some of the obvious – like ranged and casters getting PoM heals – you can identify some extraordinary weaknesses that when fixed will skyrocket your performance. Of course you’ll have to learn tact…

Have fun.


~ by Kirk on September 1, 2007.

2 Responses to “Secondary uses of the frisbee”

  1. Just something to add. Prayer of Mending often jumps to me in an instance, especially on trash because of SW:D. =) I will say that I purposely hope for a PoM jump, because that results in an automatic SW:D from me to send it on its way again.

  2. Lauchis – that works, but the downside is that you’re 20% closer to pulling aggro off the tank. Decisions, decisions… (grin)

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