Some props

If you’re going to link articles, I HIGHLY recommend doing it the way Laughing Vengeance did. Like BRK, I have to give props for a VERY good site in a whole bunch of ways – layout, info, and most importantly to those of us who write a lot:

Tasteful selection.

Over in BRK’s comments where I first gave props, guildmaster Poga and member Daenys tell us that it’s a committee design, and that the tool that does the feeding is Feed Digest. Based on what they’ve done alone, I suggest if you’re thinking of adding a feed page to your site this be high on your list of tools.

Again, to Poga, Daenys, Aggedor, Saya, Ordo, Vandas, Darkrage, Degra, Ulzad (GM and offices), and any other contributors — Nicely done.


~ by Kirk on September 3, 2007.

3 Responses to “Some props”

  1. Returning the favor, your link to Feed Digest appears to be dead. =)

  2. Thank you, Phaelia. Fixed.

  3. Kirk, thank you again for the kind words. We’re rather proud of the guild site (and the guild itself) and are always glad to see someone saying nice things about us. 🙂

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