New Assumptions (2-roll) first pass

After a couple hours cogitation, my brain hurts, but I’m comfortable with the following breakdown.

For healing, there would be no practical change. We autohit already, and nobody tries to mitigate our heals in any fashion. What we’ve got is probably unchanged on any essential basis. More thought may change that, but….

For the shadow side, there will be relatively little change. Not least because we already essentially did two-roll tables. Roll “to hit” against which resistance lay the first time. Roll “damage” against which a second pass of resistance applied. I think there’ll be some devils in the details – “old” though was that so-called ‘binary’ spells were 1-roll and ‘multifacet’ spells were 2-roll. Are these white- vs yellow-damage equivalents? My current thought is that no, ALL spells are 2-roll. That’s why we see partial resists of “binary” spells. Except… how do wands (which crit) fit in there?

The big play is going to be in defense – against both melee and spell. We priests will probably NEVER manage to be masters of mitigation. But adequate at avoidance would be nice. I wrote a fairly technical post not so long ago about these. That’s what’s really driving my chain – I want to be really, really sure I’m right before I stretch the limits of gear. I can see already I will need to test spell and melee separate. There may be more.

There are intimations in some of the tests and history that pvp and pve are different. If you don’t think this matters, you don’t do much in arenas. Just for an example, of course.

Anyway, that’s the thoughts so far. I’ll try to set up a pure test for something in the not so distant future – just to have a baseline if nothing else. And I’ll keep you all informed when I do.


~ by Kirk on September 4, 2007.

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