2roll test 2 – wands.

Again, level 70 NE Priest wanding Dr. Boom. This time I’ve stripped out all the attack variables I can.

No gear except the Wand of the Netherwing which adds +19 stamina and has damage (not crit or hit) and heal bonus.

  • Str: 36
  • Agi 50
  • Sta 57+19
  • Int 145
  • Spi 158
  • Shoot (wand) skill 350
  • spell crit (paperdoll) 3.05%, all from Int.
  • in case… ranged crit (paperdoll) 5.18%

Shoot only till Boom is dead. Results:

  • 2762 hits
  • 96 crits
  • 59 resists
  • 2917 total attacks.
  • 2858 successful attacks.

Both models have a 2.0226% miss rate – well within the bounds of acceptability. 1-roll table says the crit rate is 3.2911%. 2-roll table says the crit rate is 3.3590%. Both are above the 3.05%, and this time it’s reversed as to which is ‘closer’.

As of now, with two tests giving reversed information, the conclusions results are inconclusive. I know that level has an affect on crits, but don’t know the rate. And regardless, it fails to explain why on the previous test the crit rates of both were LOWER than the paperdoll value.

Insights are welcome.

Oh – next test will not be automatic (love autoshot wand) in case it’s a wand issue. I will be doing a constant smite. Lower level smite so as to get a longish baseline. I’m going to be hating it, but this has me puzzled. (And think, I could be grinding for gold and goodies…)

~ by Kirk on September 5, 2007.

3 Responses to “2roll test 2 – wands.”

  1. I think you meant to say “results are inconclusive”, because “conclusions” can’t be “inconclusive”. But that’s just me being anal.
    On a more serious note, I don’t play a priest but I’m really interested to find out what your conclusions will be. As far as I understand, the mystery of 1-roll vs 2-roll exists in the domain of hunter as well (I play a hunter), so maybe your calculations can shed more light on a tricky issue. Keep up the quality work!

  2. yep, and when doing theorycrafting anal is the right way to do it. edit coming…

  3. […] was concerned with how ranged critical hits are determined, while Kirk got into a whole series of posts with an analysis of spellcasting, and a discussion of “why it matters“–posited a […]

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