Little timesavers

So the other night I was running with another healer and discovered that some things I thought all healers learned by the time they were in their 40s are unknown to some 70s.  Such as…

You do not have to stay on your healtarget till the spell is cast.  Target, cast, target new target, and wait for next cast till the old one is done.

Unless you’ve changed the keybinds, F2 through F5 will target the other members of your party in the order they’re shown on the left side of your screen.  No hunt for a gap for your mouseclick is necessary.

You do not have to be facing your target to heal it – a boon after a fear spasm especially.

hmmm.  I think I’ll invite readers to offer their own.  Caveat – no macros, no ‘after you set up this and that’, just the simple no-effort timesavers, be they healing, shadow, or even admin (repairs, vendorsales, etc.)   The benefit is that I’m sure there are some I do not know.

Sound off…


~ by Kirk on September 5, 2007.

3 Responses to “Little timesavers”

  1. On my Priest (but not on my Rogue or Hunter), I’ve kept F1-F5 to target self and party members, even though I use a nice unit frame mod that makes click-targeting quite simple. I was not aware of the cast-retarget-recast deal though…that’s nice to know! (For the other characters, an assist-tank macro is generally the only necessity.)

    Something I noticed the other day when healing Slave Pens was that my tank was F5, melee DPS was F4, ranged DPS (mage) was F3 and hunter was F2. I need to run a few more groups (with different people) to see if the game is really this smart, or if that was just happenstance. (I suspect this is the actual case.)

    But if you KNOW your tank is always #5 (oh…I was party leader–that makes a difference!), then there’s no learning curve to remember who is paired with which key.

  2. Nope. It is based on group placement, not class.
    I would prefer the tank to be F2 as its closer to my more commonly used spells than F5 is.

    I can’t think of anything nifty to add…

    If you have no target, you can always click the spell, then select a target using F#. So you can click GH and then wait until someone gets hit and target them.

  3. Inner Focus -> Prayer of Fortitude. Saves drinking in a 5 man, or means you can buff both groups in 10 man.

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