Test 3 – naked with dinky wand

Changed wand to the Shadow Wand – a level 9, 10-19 damage speed 1.40 wand. It ‘breaks’ about every 2200 shots and needs repaired.

For naked stats see test 2. Key numbers: spell crit (from Int) 3.05%; melee/ranged crit (from Agi) 5.08%.

Results so far – to first repair:

  • Hits 2244
  • Crits 73
  • Resists 40
  • Total attacks 2357
  • Total successful attacks 2317
  • Resist Rate 1.6971% – !!!!
  • Crit rate oldstyle 3.0972%
  • Crit rate percent of hits 3.1506%

The miss rate is absurd, and makes me mistrustful of all the other numbers. I’m also suspicious of the very large drop – DROP – in crit rates (both types) from the Netherwing wand (test 2). However, I’ve got two types of logging going and both give me the same numbers, so what you see is what I got.

I will run two tests tomorrow – a repeat of each of the naked wands: once with the Nether till I kill Boom, once with the Shadow till it breaks. Separate logs. I’m going to see if the results are within range of their predecessors. I begin to suspect that a critical variable for wands is the wand level.

If I get the opportunity I will also do a Naked Smite battle. An hour and a half to two hours of pressing a single button every 2 seconds is… low on my fun meter, but this has my hackles raised. I am certain that wand and spell use at least some different variables.


~ by Kirk on September 5, 2007.

2 Responses to “Test 3 – naked with dinky wand”

  1. Here I go again, being anal: first sentence “needs TO BE repaired”.

    Now, the main comment: Are you implying that Hit/Crit numbers are affected by the difference between char level and wand level? Or, more importantly, maybe between char level and any weapon in general? Sounds pretty interesting. Is it certain that there is no documented indication of this somewhere?

  2. Inphidel – or “repaired” should be “repair”. Anyway, main comment…

    There’s no documentation I could find — lots and lots of guesses about wands, but nothing definitive (no tests, just Statements of Authority from non-authoritative positions).

    In fact the MAJORITY of these state with no doubt that wands are ranged combat. At this point I’ve got three runs – two naked, one geared – with close to 8,000 samples. All of them have a difference of at least 1.5% in paperdoll ranged and spell crit value, and in every run the actual results are (regardless of which attack table model used) within 0.4% of the spell crit value (and so outside 1% the ranged crit). I am now highly confident that wands use the spell attack table. BUT…

    The numbers are oddly variable outside that conclusion. Test two and three were nearly identical – the sole variance was the wand used. I am HYPOTHETIZING that Wand level matters.

    AND, test two and test three’s crit rate was outside expectation (paperdoll) regardless of attack table model used. I am again HYPOTHETIZING that char level (and/or weapon skill – inseparable in this case) is the cause.

    I will be doing two tests to gain some confidence that the first hypothesis is correct by seeing if a repeated run gets similar results. If one is an outlier, four runs (two per wand) of ~2500-3000 will be sufficient to imply this.

    Note that this is a complication for “pure” spells. Therefor I’m running another test series in parallel. It will use smite 1. I am concerned that spell level (like wand level) matters, now, and so after I have a comfortable baseline I will run a sequence using a higher level smite.

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