Test results: shadow wand, naked (2)

Second test of the naked, using shadow wand…


  • Hits 2082
  • Crits 83
  • Resists 46
  • Total Attacks 2211
  • Total Successful Attacks 2165
  • Resist rate:  2.0805%
  • Crit (1T) rate:  3.7540%
  • Crit (2T) rate:  3.8337%

Discussion: The resist rate is in line with the Netherwing wand results, and I would like to consider the shadow wand naked (1) test results to be an outlier.  HOWEVER, the crit rates are wildly (just under 0.5%) divergent from the previous Nether wand (1) as well as the rate of the Shadow wand (1) test.  Because the tests are identical except for time, I’m going to also do a consolidated value for each wand.

For Shadowwand naked (consolidated), then, we get:

  • Hits 2082 + 2244 = 4326
  • Crits 83 + 73 = 156
  • Resists 46 + 40 = 86
  • Total Attacks 2211 + 2357 = 4568
  • Total Successful Attacks 2165 + 2317 = 4482
  • Resist rate:   1.8827%
  • Crit (1T) rate: 3.4151%
  • Crit (2T) rate: 3.4806%

These are much closer to Netherwand (1), but I will wait to compare them to a consolidated NW (1+2) result before trying to draw solid conclusions.  I can resist making a couple of observations, however…

The hypothesis of the wand level’s effect on hits/resists lies severely damaged.  The hypothesis of char level (and possibly wand level) on crit rates, however, is looking much more certain.  Note this is contrary to commonly understood principle, which is that crit rate for spells is unaffected by level differences.

Oh – note the question of whether type of damage is skewing the results is neutralized.  Both wands do shadow damage.  No variable applies here.


~ by Kirk on September 6, 2007.

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