Tone, and necessary apologies

I’ve recently had someone who’s opinion I value tell me I got a bit, well, rude, when responding in comments.  I’ve apologized directly, but it leads me to want to make a public comment (without naming names – unless it’s wanted of course).

I am not an outstanding wordsmith.  And I sometimes get caught up in what I THINK I’ve read instead of what you’ve REALLY written in the comments.  Toss in the fact that I’m innately a bit pedantic and pompous – two things on which my wife and daughter work constantly (Thank you both).  Finally, I’m longwinded – why hope that one word will do when I can present a hundred that confine and nail down the point? (grin)  As a result, it can appear I’m bludgeoning you with words – and ignoring your main point – when that is not my intent at all.

So, if I have offended you in comments, I apologize.  If I intend to do it, it will be direct and pointed, usually with phrasing along the lines of “you flaming idiot…” and descending from there.  If you didn’t see that, then I have offended you unintentionally, and I ask that you let me know.  First and foremost, I want to apologize directly.  Second — my wife and daughter can’t stop me from being an idiot ALL the time, and any help you give lets them do their own thing.

Thanks for reading.

Go have fun.


~ by Kirk on September 6, 2007.

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