Time to walk the walk, again

So… after much pondering, I decided to join the raiding guild my daughter’s in.  I admit to trepidation — I always learned raiding guilds as, well, second full-time jobs.  This one’s got a category I fit, though — they call it friends, I’d call it on-call irregulars.  Raids for the casual player.   Expect posts about things I’ve learned, and other insights.  Oh, and of course on making guilds work as I’ve done in the past.

Howver, no guild gossip.  If you want to get the dirt… join your own you’ll find plenty (grin).

Idle amusement… The problem on our server is reflected in the guild.  I prefer healpreists – do pretty good with shadow, but I’m better this way.  Our server, however, seems to have an abundance of healers.  It still messes with my head that “priest, healer” gets, “get in line” instead of “HERE HERE OUR GROUP….”


~ by Kirk on September 8, 2007.

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