Administrivia – posting rates…

I’ve managed to not only sustain but exceed my planned posting rate of 2 per day during the work-week.  And I see lots of things to write about still – even excluding all the ideas that come to mind thanks to questions and comments.  But there is a good chance I’ll slow down to one a day in the very near future, and I’d rather you didn’t wonder if something was wrong.

Nope, just busy.  It’s approaching Fiscal Quarter in the job which pays my bills.  This means such little things as Quarterly Reports and other preparations for the Meetings. And Quarterly reviews both up and down the ladder.  And quarterly objective restatements, and quarterly…  I’ll be a busy beaver for a while, just not where you can see me.

It’s also approaching political silly season.  I keep politics (and other non-wow subjects) off this blog and will continue to do so.  But politics (not just vote-getting, but all-aspect) is a hobbyhorse as well.  I write on a few lists, but in the busy season (the quarter for local if it’s there, the last six months for state, the last year for national, all preceding the votes) I start putting the same things up on each of the lists as the subjects get congruent — and it’s just easier to write a summary and “see my blog for details”.  Which means, again, I’ll be doing articles of the depth and verbosity you’ve seen here — but absolutely irrelevant to World of Warcraft.  Oh – if you go read stuff over there, please respect my demarcation.  Political differences and vitriol have a nasty habit of applying collateral damage in areas where it literally does not matter a bit.  I’m risking a lot just having the two blogs linked, and will be ruthless in keeping a separation of Game and State.

Thanks.  Now go have fun.


~ by Kirk on September 13, 2007.

2 Responses to “Administrivia – posting rates…”

  1. Just was to say thank you and this seems like a good post to mention it on. I read a ton of blogs every day at work to help pass the time and yours is always the one I save for last because there is always fun intelligent posts and comments about wonderfully broad ranges of subjects.

    You’ve attracted a really good community here and your post volume has been second to none so I just want you to know it’s appreciated.

  2. Justin, thank you.

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