And you thought I’d get nothing…

Sigh.  I’m plowing my way through a tough post – lots of crossreferences, that sort of thing.  It doesn’t help that some very good bloggers took big chunks of my thoughts on the subject – already down as electrons ready to go this past week – already (glare) (grin).  You’ll get a big post later, maybe even tomorrow. Still, I hate to see you all have nothing from me.  So…

A bit of trivial fact.  There are a lot of players who have been playing WoW longer than me.  Who have been playing priests longer than me.  Who play, in fact, better than me.  Lots of them, actually.

I’m not writing for you.  To be quite honest, I DO hope you’ll stay and read, but then add and improve upon the basis of what I said.  Note I happily accept corrections (look through older posts – they’re frequent enough it shouldn’t take long.)

Up there in the About Me bit?  I mean it.  I’m not doing this to be the fount of all wisdom.  I’m here partly to give you something to chew upon – a chance to see some things that have tripped me in the past in the hopes you’ll get to do new and more exciting misadventures.  I’m also here so you can teach me  – so I can get better.

If, however, you are going to drop a comment that amounts to, “I’ve been doing this longer and better and you have nothing to teach me so STFU,”…  your comment did not get approved.   Nobody learns from that.  Nobody is amused by that.  (Yes, I consider amusement useful even if irrelevant.  The bottom line of this is that this is a GAME and it’s supposed to be FUN.)   Thank you for reading, and goodbye.

For the rest of you – grab a drink and have a chunk of floor (sorry, not enough chairs).  Let’s figure out what we don’t know, each of us, and have a little more fun.


~ by Kirk on September 14, 2007.

3 Responses to “And you thought I’d get nothing…”

  1. Geez Kirk, what asshat left you that kind of message?

    I love your blog. I’ll admit I look forward to posts from you and from other bloggers that cover askpects of the game about which I knew nothing, cause I like to learn things that go under the heading of ‘tips and tricks’.

    But for the most part, I read your blog and others for the feeling of community I have, like you are inviting me into your conversation, and your thoughts, and saying “This is what I’m thinking at the moment. Pull up a chair, and have a drink. Take a load off, and have a laugh. If something I say sparked an idea, share it.”

    Good lord, that’s why I do what I do. I have no interest in being the font of all knowledge or something. I actually prefer telling stories, and I’ve been toying with the idea of sharing sections of my fantasy novel in dribs and drabs on slow days, just for the ehck of it. I only add info posts on topics that I wish someone would have shared with ME when I was a young druid, or looking for that info and coming up dry.

    Kirk, please keep up the wonderful fun and community you ahve here, and ignore asshats like that. Your living room is comfy, and there is room for all…

    But if you need a bouncer, give me a call 🙂

  2. BBB, the passer of that message shall remain anonymous. It’s so hard to prove anything without records, don’t you know?

    [innocent look – soooo easy on a priest….]

  3. […] was directly inspired by a comment that was left on his blog, and his reaction to it, and… well, I’ll let you read it, since his website is still very much alive for history to […]

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