I hate fishing

Not just in the game, but in real life, I dislike fishing. I taught my daughter how to fish. In the space of three weeks she caught more fish than I’d caught in three decades. In real life, I no longer go fishing. In the game, however, even though it is to me one of the most grueling, miserable grinds there is, I fish. I’m pushing my main onward with the specific minimum goal of 310 – and I strongly suggest the same of every priest.

Oh, and you’ll have to learn to cook. For what it’s worth, cooking is easy. Oh, sure, all the guides will tell you to combine it with fishing, but… if you like to fish, you’re going to catch more than enough fish to max cooking. If you didn’t like – or don’t have to – fish and you don’t mind spending some money, it’s as easy as powerleveling any other profession — and a HECK of a lot cheaper. The hard part is getting the main ingredient – the food. On the climb in levels you will ALWAYS have food drop – this meat, that organ, some bit of gooey potential goodness. Of course, fishing guarantees meat every 20 seconds or so…
The rewards for your fishing and cooking skill are the buff food. For example, you’ll hear the glory of the Golden Fishsticks extolled across the lands – and they are very, very nice. +44 to healing. +20 to spirit. They’re in such high demand, however, that you will almost never find them on the AH. Instead, you have to catch your own raw material – golden darters – from streams in Terokkar.

Or there’s my personal favorite – Blackened Sporefish, which has a lot lower level fishing and cooking requirement (though still outland), and gives 20 stamina and 8 beautiful MP5. sigh.

But you need to cook and eat buff food earlier. It’s the same principle I espoused in the other posts about small enchants and oils – if you’re not doing these cheap and VERY easy buffs, you’re impairing your progression. “No thanks, I’ll fight with one hand behind my back. Thank you anyway.” 4 stamina and 4 spirit while you’re level 5. Level 15 you can have +6 to each. At level 20 there are foods that’ll add +8 to each. Folks, at level 70 I’m still pleased to put a +12 stamina enchant on something, and the buff food is great with +20 stamina or +20 spirit. Proportionally, what’s available at lower levels is HUGE. If you’re passing it by… why?

Well, I can guess. Because fishing is boring. And sidetracking for that meat – which even though you can eat it doesn’t mean you can kill it – is a pain and usually not part of your quest series, so it’s boring too. And cooking seems so boring and you have to fill your bags in regular stacks, while an enchant takes no space. And…

Don’t care. Take up cooking. You don’t have to take up fishing right away – the “big bonus” for we priests that’s only available from fishing doesn’t happen till we can make Nightfin Soup (8 mp5) from a level 250 recipe – cookable and consumable at level 35 – and we have to be able to survive low 50s level areas to catch the rather difficult-to-catch fish.Ā  [Hochopepa reminds me of the Raw Greater Sagefish, which can be cooked and eaten sooner, caught much easier – but are “only” 6mp5 .] Which means not racing to keep it maxed is understandable. But by the time you’re 60 you should start, and if you’re 70 it should be one of the BIG THINGS you are trying to get caught up on. Which means, as with so many other things, that if you’d done it in small steps along the way you might not be sitting for hours doing nothing but watching a bobber…. click, cast….. click, cast…. click, cast….

I hate fishing. 270, and an eternity to go.


~ by Kirk on September 19, 2007.

8 Responses to “I hate fishing”

  1. Because Nightfin fish were such a pain to get, I would usually just use Sagefish Delight to get 6/mp5. Sagefish Delight is a 175 cooking recipe that gives back both health and mana when you eat them and gives that 6/mp5 buff for 15 min. Raw Greater Sagefish spawn in numerous pools in the river that flows through Stranglethorn Vale. A trip up the river starting at Grom Gul would normally give me more than a stack of the fish in a short time. I was more than willing to give up the 2/mp5 for the ease of catching a stack of these fish.

  2. I looked up Raw Greater Sagefish on wowhead and had forgotten that there are also spawn points on the shore of Lordamere Lake between Dalaran and Lord Perenolde’s manor. There are just lvl 30ish non-agro turtles in this area, (although there are two quest elites in a house along the shore that need to be watched for.) They are a pretty easy fish to get.

  3. Good points, Hochopepa — and making mine more valid. Sheesh, people – 6 mp5? There are big league trinkets that don’t do that for you. It’s just fishing… (sigh, yawn, shudder)

  4. On the other hand, it’s a good way to pass time waiting for a BG queue as opposed to riding around Stormwind mindlessly.

  5. The safest place to fish for the darter is actually inside Allerian Stronghold. Just go over by the flight master and downhill a bit and you can cast right there. Sometimes, there’s even a Golden Darter School that spawns there. Or used to. Haven’t noticed it in a while.

  6. Fishing is awful. Painful, even. And yet, 310 is very doable – I’m at 323 now. My trick is a nice thriller as audio book and a boring day: turn the audio book on, sit down in Stormwind, and start fishing. In a few hours, I had made the grind from 100-ish to 270. Now that I’m actually able to fish something with lures, the dreadful tedious part becomes smaller šŸ˜‰ An addon I -really- recommend getting is FishingBuddy, which makes fishing a lot easier and more fun (hey, every bit helps!) And once you can finally, finally fish your own food buffs and don’t have to rely on other priests sharing their fish with you… well, that’s about twenty skillpoints from the part where it gets boring again. *sigh* But there is hope, keep it up šŸ™‚

  7. Although I recently started up fishing on my low level priest, the biggest pain for me is having to equip the damn fishing rod de-equip it afterwards. Why can’t it just work like mining? Plus, If you get attacked in the middle of things, you’re weaponless. Any suggestions? Itemrack I suppose.

  8. itemrack’s the best solution I’ve found. Though that sort of thing…

    Had a warrior tanking for me once, pre-2.0, in RFK. Warned me he was fury so I wasn’t unhappy about not seeing a shield (as I said elsewhere, hold the aggro and I don’t care), but he was complaining about the numbers he was getting. The mage inspected, and then started calling the tank a noob (among other things). Yep, tank had been fishing earlier and, well… Fishingpole for the Threat. I’ve heard others who’ve experienced this as well. Heck, I’ve forgotten a time or two.

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