My frisbee macro

I’ve been playing with my macro for the frisbee and am pretty happy with what I’ve got. I thought I’d share. Yes, it’s similar to some I’ve already done, but…

/cast [modifier:alt,target=player][modifier:shift,target=target][help,target=focustarget] [help,target=focus][target=target] Prayer of Mending

(Please note that is supposed to be all on one line. The dangers of word wrap….)

A couple of things in here I want to point out. It’s worth remembering that the macro walks through each test (each bracket) in turn till it’s true and then acts – and if none are true it jumps to the next set (after the next semicolon, or end of macro, as the case may be).

I use focus a lot. I set it to the MT by default. In various situations, though, I’ll target mobs. There are two categories that are particularly important. First, there are the shackle mobs – like the ones in Kara. Those are the ones that every five to ten seconds I renew the shackle whether it needs it or not (grin) to ensure it STAYS. Obviously the target of that mob is, well, me. And I don’t need the frisbee. So while shackling, I hit the shift key if I’m button mashing. (I usually use my healbot, but sometimes the mouse has another priority). If the shift isn’t in the way, the macro says: “Is the target of the focus friendly? Yes – catch. N – is the focus friendly? Yes – catch. No – hey, target? catch.”

Speaking of focus… save your self some grief. Make a dead simple macro:

Bind it to a key. What key DOES NOT MATTER as long as you can get to it consistently. Habitually hit the key when you’re in a group. Target the tank and hit it. Target your primary healtarget and hit it. If you’re grinding, go ahead and add that to your habit of keytaps – target, focus, go.

Trust me, it’ll save you a lot in the long run when you can set a quick macro (and swiftly put it on a button) that says: /cast [target=macro] THIS SPELL .


~ by Kirk on September 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “My frisbee macro”

  1. Hrmmm…Kirk, I dunno if you see the same thing I see, but the /cast line is cut off after the second [help,target= right after the “=”, and the next line just has “Prayer of Mending”. (In my Google Reader feed, it’s fine.)

    Nice macro: I’ve been thinking there has to be a way to get the frisbee off faster, without looking at the tank & DPSers and finding “the best” target (although generally throwing it at the tank works–except when it NEEDS to go somewhere else!). Can’t wait to try this out!

  2. thanks – edit, fixed.

    And yes… it’s an outgrowth of my heal-focus macros. Where I set the tank as focus and can ALWAYS send a heal that-a-way without looking.

    The thing I like best about this isn’t just looking, it’s the fact that since fribee’s reactive I get some sneaky healing. Here’s the way it goes.

    I keep an eye on the boss – the focus – target. If that changes and I’m not in the middle of something I reach for the frisbee button. If he flips back to the tank before I can tap it, I don’t. If I reach the button first, though, I tap it. Because I’m pretty sure the boss is going to give his new target some loving – and the frisbee instantly removes a chunk of that damage with no further effort on my part. Oh, yes, I like this macro.

  3. There is a key bind available for the /focus from the interface options. Save one of those valuable macro slots…

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