2.2 patch is out. Lightwell gains.

Ego already ran down the list of goodness, so go read hers first. I’m going to write specifically of one spell – one in which I’ve been the minority for use, but which had some major changes that aren’t all in the notes.

I speak, of course, of lightwell.

Prior to the patch, rank 4 lightwell was 2361 health over three ticks (6 seconds). That’s an almost certain 787 health, and maybe (depending on interrupts) 1574 or 2361. In other words, you gave a superior healing potion, had a fair chance of them getting a Major healing potion, and sometimes — if they could stay unhurt for a full six seconds — got a Super healing potion.

With the patch, the lightwell gets healing bonuses applied. Which means my +1500 bonus makes each tick approximately 1287. Just a bit less than a a super healing potion’s minimum per tick. When I get the gear I’m expecting and the raid buffs that shove me to approximately 2100 +heal, that’s…

1487 per tick. One mana pot per tick, three ticks. All they have to do is NOT be in combat. hmmm.

And it gets better with the UNPUBLISHED change. This is the big one, boys and girls…

While buffed with Lightwell’s renew, the player cannot get another lightwell buff.

No more bleeding the well.

Can it be improved more? Yes. But what’s happened already is…

445 mana for five each bandages that do (for me) just under 4500 heals apiece that now can only be used one at a time (though heel and toe is available).

fwiw, I’d like to see the cooldown reduced – maybe to 4 minutes, even if the duration of the well were also reduced to, say, 2 minutes. But this change is good.

Is it useful? Yep, anywhere players use bandages – only faster and healing more.

Pardon me while I train my guildies…

~ by Kirk on September 25, 2007.

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