My beautiful feet of clay

Lest any think I am a God among Priests, allow me to disabuse of the notion. I’ll discuss last night to demonstrate I’m… yaknow? I think you’ll have to pick a label. Anyhow…

Once more, a touch of background. I’m a “friend” of the guild to which I belong. That’s the label for those who, due to lack of time or other scheduling conflicts, aren’t full members but who get to come along for the ride sometimes. You’ve got the A team who is forging ahead on the new stuff, you’ve got the B team which is in on the big raids with A but who are still trying to get gear from the places A has already pretty well cleared, and then you’ve got the “oh, yeah, him” people. Me. Who are around, and who, if called, will fill a hole – almost always B team stuff as we’re not even that well geared. So I’ve been studying and planning Kara. Oh, and I’ve seen SSC’s Lurker twice, and been deeply dismayed with my performance.

Anyway, last night I got the unexpected whisper. “Can you join us for Gruul’s?” heh – sure. They know my skill and gear, so they know what they’re getting. Away I go.

This is the day the patch came out. CTRA has conflicted with something else the leaders are using which is bothered by the patch which makes the whole thing… peculiar. (oRA2 had no problem, but only a few of us had that — that may be changing very soon.) So it’s a bit more confused than normal. The raids just clearing the last few ogres in front of Gruul when I arrive. And on arrival, I shut down my brain as the raid leader starts the plan discussion: Group one here (ping minimap), group two here, (again minimap), group three… I’m in group two, I decide to be proactive and get to my station…

If you’ve done Gruul or you’ve researched him you know exactly what comes next. The key word is “wipe”.

To the good, I learned the base character of my guild. There were some “what?” comments, but amid the desperate running around – no, rather BURYING the sounds of desperately trying to salvage the situation – were peals of laughter. “Look, Leroy’s a PRIEST now…”

We ran, rezzed, buffed, listened to the plan, and killed Gruul – even though he grew more than 20 times. Memory says it was 24, but another guildie says 22. And since the log doesn’t report growths, I can’t tell you for sure. [Found it.  22 growths, though he died one second after the last growth.] Regardless, yes. Six guildies standing – the last tank died just after reaching the 1% mark, but… gads, we did it. And I was glad I didn’t add to a night’s frustration… till I got a whisper from the GM. “pulling you to officer chat…”

Ever get that feeling? Sure, you have, I don’t need to describe it at all. With worried thoughts, I answered the call. To discover I was being offered a promotion – from “friend” to … skip the title, it boils down to the bottom of the regular member ranks as opposed to an associate member. Turns out I do good despite the mishap. To toot my horn a bit, I’m taken as such KNOWING I cannot change my schedule and will still miss start times of several events. So, why are they offering? Lesson time, friends.

When they ask, I come. I’ve attended more runs in the time I’ve been a friend than a couple of the full members. When I come, I come ready. That trick I have of having my raid-bag stocked? The most wait is as I hit a repair spot – and I habitually ensure I know the closest repair to where my hearthstone is set. So repair and get there with pots, drinks, candles… And the instant there I start popping buffs on anyone who needs it, no wait. And, well, I do all the things I used to require as basic of all people I was allegedly in charge of as a class leader.

Will I be A team? Probably not – time and gear will tend to inhibit this. And in fact the next post will probably be the gear post that got all hung up during what seemed to be gear week not so long ago – when Ego and Matt and a few others stole the words out of my mouth – as I discuss my weaknesses and how I plan to develop and compensate. But – if called, I’ll be ready.

And… that means I need to do some research. SSC and Mag, just in case. (And maybe a big sign on the computer as a reminder: “You are not Leroy. Wait for the leader to say GO before you go. Idiot.” )

~ by Kirk on September 26, 2007.

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