Healing Stats I want.

Again, I’m trying to determine what I want to know before I determine the tools to show it. Hopefully I’ll not sidetrack this my own self.

I want to point out, again, that “only” using “did anyone die” is as accurate as “did you kill the mob?” Which is to say it’s the bottom line, but tells you NOTHING about whether you can improve, and if so where. By the same token, none of these should be the be-all or end-all measure for healers. I hope to find the two or three that are as significant as “total damage” and DPS and Participation Time are for the killteam players, but don’t know.

Note that MY desire is to be able to look at these after the instance run, and by preference out-of-game (though in-game allows discussion with other players – and there is benefit that way as well.)

1) Deaths matter, but I think there’s a more important “death” issue. Who died before us, who died after? So I want a report of the sequence of deaths.

2) Aggro. What is the aggro of each person in the party at the instant of death. Probably — and if using the Threat-1.0 library it’s built in — a table of the numbers BY each mob in the combat. ALSO, I’d like to be able to see the threat comparison throughout the instance, though that’s going to be a LONG report. However, I suspect this one will also be useful for everyone – dps and tank as well as healer. As in, “How close to the edge did I hold it? When I died, was I at 111 or 131% — too close, or just too heavy-handed? As the tank, where did I lose it?” It’s not everything, but it’s an extremely useful tool for cutting the edge.

3) H*M. I’m still convinced that knowing how healthy the party is vs how much mana I’ve got is a useful tool. But there’s also the question of how imbalanced they are — that is, am I blowing way too much mana keeping everyone at max, or am I topped off while everyone is near death? Therefore I also want to know whether health or mana is higher. The “easy” way to do this is to use a second value such as health-mana — obviously negative means mana was higher, but by the same token the semantic implication is that this is bad. And… I’m not sure it is.

3a) Alternatively, simply knowing the percent of mana remaining (or, for data dumps that track the whole battle, graphed).

4) Time spent in and out of the five second rule – percentage or total is probably fine. A bonus or variation might be how much mana

5) Who got healed by whom. Related, heals as a proportion (or multiple) of total health, overheals by target. (NOTE: WWS does this except the relation to total health.)

6) And, one that has me flummoxed and for which I’m asking suggestions. When I’m in the groove I’ve got heals on the way before damage is taken, anticipating who’s about to get hammered. I want to know how often I’m managing that, but can’t think of a statistical means given there’s no ‘starts casting’ message.


~ by Kirk on October 1, 2007.

4 Responses to “Healing Stats I want.”

  1. wonderful series of posts. I run with my Polar Heart Rate monitor that measures almost EVERYTHING, inlcuding my heart rate, air temp, altitude, speed, calory burning etc. I definitely use this info overload and see the improvement over time!

    I would also like to see things like:
    1. mana pots used and the timing of these drinks. e.g. in a long fight, I start of spamming heals, then drink a pot ASAP, which keeps me/team going for about 2min.
    2. you already mentioned Shadow Friend. (5min cooldown)
    3. I have a JC BoP trinket taht adds +30mana per sec for 12 sec.
    4. any other source of mana (5min cooldown)

    I always try to balance the timing of my SF and trinket in every fight. Then add Pots to the mix for Boss fights.

    I cannot imagine how one would go about adding this sort of info to the stats.

    I fully believe that the better priests are those who balance their targets health versus mana usage and regen. I think that a GENERALIZATION for a large raid would be that the better priests have a better H*M ratio considering their own healing targets.

    Healing ppl out of my target group should have a bonus attached. BUT major -ve bonuses if the priest cannot afford teh mana, and/or if his own target group is near a danger zone (30-40% of health?)

  2. *edit* 3: my JC trinket is 5min cooldown! I cannot tell the cooldown of ‘other sources of mana’ 😉

  3. For the last one, try something like.
    If 2(Total Health – ) > Incoming heal before it lands
    BUT Overheal is less than Effective Healing / 3.

    Basically, stuff that looks like it will be a huge overheal (check incoming vs health), but then isnt (ie 75%+ is effective)

  4. Mera, hmmm. dependent on whether we can get that info, that might work.

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