Not usually used spells… Levitate

We priests have some spells that don’t get much use – and frankly, if it wasn’t in the spellbook I’m not sure most of us would ever use some of them. [As RaydenUni said, “Huh?”  Several rewrites and I missed this line.  Try “And frankly, if it wasn’t in the spellbook I’m not sure most of us would miss it.”] Nonetheless, one of these is today’s brief discussion. I speak of Levitate. And actually, I DO use it a fair amount.

At my level, I have it on a hotkey. As a level 70 with a flying mount it’s saved me a few times. Something happens – usually me not paying attention to where I’m flying – and suddenly my mount and I have parted company. A quick tap and my suicidal plunge is turned into something a bit more survivable – unless, of course, I find myself landing in the middle of Garadar (for example – lovely place, but if you’re alliance the natives are rather inhospitable.) I’ve also used it to prevent falling damage from the Crone’s twister and the black stalker’s levitate.

Oh, I suppose it’s worth mentioning you CAN cast other spells while the levitate is slowing your fall. Which means if you’re high enough when you get kicked off your mount over, say, the great gaps of nothingness off Shadowmoon, you have a chance of getting your hearthstone triggered before you drop out of the world and die. Levitate gives you TIME for this.

So, where else have I used it? Well, when I was grinding in Azeroth, it was my preferred way to cross large bodies of water. Provided I didn’t run over the back of some swimming beastie (combat breaks it, remember) it meant I crossed water as fast as I could run. And when I erroneously grabbed aggro of half a dozen pirates (for example) this meant I was escaping faster than they could swim. Yes, I’d take the strange ranged thump just before one of them turned back, but by then I had enough lead I could either stop and levitate again OR just outswim them – even when they were higher level.

I’ve also used it to escape off cliffs. Mobs, like pets, won’t jump off edges that will cause them damage. They MIGHT pursue, but then again they might not. Speaking of cliffs, I’ve used it to occasional advantage in WSG and AB. In the former, starting down the tunnel, then turning to run up the ramp to the uppermost level, and then taking a hard turn and levitating can – if done in the right place I can get past the barrier to the upper level and throw off pursuers (barring ranged fire that drops me like a stone). In the latter, going to the lumbermill and being able to “plunge” off the edge and end up near the blacksmith is highly entertaining as a shadowpriest – and rather surprising to the defenders watching the bridges and ramps.

I’ve also used it as a marker — especially when EVERYONE seems to be jumping. “OK, go to the priest that’s floating in the air to get your buffs.” It’s distinctive, and works well.

And finally, I’ve used it for idle amusement. Pop it and dance. Since almost every holy priest I have of sufficient level has had lightwell, popping the lightwell under my feet results in an instant dance platform. Sure, people who know what’s going on will drain the charges, but for a bit it’s, well, if you like to see your toon dance it’s just one more “wheee” moment.

It’s not a spell of major use most of the time, but it’s a part of our inventory and so deserves taken out and used when it’s the right tool for the job. Have fun.

~ by Kirk on October 1, 2007.

11 Responses to “Not usually used spells… Levitate”

  1. “…if it wasn’t in the spellbook I’m not sure most of us would ever use some of them.”


  2. A while back (2.1, maybe?) they gave levitate its own animation — so when you’re levitating without moving, you’re hovering above the ground with your feet bobbing beneath you. (Before you’d just be standing a bit above the ground.) I, personally, feel that this animation is the coolest thing ever, and if only I had an unlimited supply of light feathers I would never stop levitating.

    I know, I’m easily amused sometimes.

  3. I use levitate in Serpent Shrine Cavern on the Lurker Below event…I can walk across the scalding water to rez players who have been thrown way out into the scalding depths. This keeps me from taking more durability damage since I’m not jumping in and out of the water multiple times (500 damage per jump).

  4. I sooooo want my Priest to get to the level where I get this spell….. just to have fun… stop teasing me!

  5. Oh my goodness, forget accidentally falling a mount; levitate saves you when those annoying pestky irksome Great Kaliri birds attack you in Skettis!! I hate. hate. hate them birds.

  6. This spell makes for a quick way to get from the Aldor tier to the Aldor bank. Casting the spell will auto-dismount you; so you can ride right off the edge and cast it part way down… (only waited too long a couple times LOL)

  7. I’ll have to check, but last time I tried to cast a spell with cast time I couldn’t complete.

  8. @Teni and Hochopepa – yep, those too.

    @Ravageclaw – levitate’s an instant.

  9. Levitate is instant, sure, but the slowed fall counts as movement, which means you can cast Renew, Shield, buffs, that sort of thing, but you are unable to cast anything with a cast time, even more so your Hearthstone. I like levitating down to Kara from the bridge in Deadwind Pass, by the way, ever after I missed the river one jump and it took me 10 minutes to reach my corpse 😉

  10. @ Ravageclaw and Miraye —

    Ah, I see what you both are speaking of, now. I’ll have to recheck, as I was thinking I successfully used my hearthstone a couple of times – and failed when too low, of course.

    Thank you both for the check.

  11. I love levitate on the Crone at the end of the Oz Opera Event.

    I ignore the Crone’s tornado, and just prom/hot/shield the raid.

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