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I have a small request of those bloggers dropping by here, sometimes making comments. Yes, this seems to be that sort of meme of the week, what with TJ and Kestrel making related posts.  Mine’s a bit different, though, and aimed at those of you who have your own WoW (and maybe other) blogs.

If it’s more than a brief remark, write a post in your blog and link it to my post.

Now, if you’re concerned that turning off pingbacks means I won’t see the message (I will – pingbacks on my side are working), feel free to drop a “I wrote a response to this on my blog at http://Myblog.randomblogpackage.url ” line in the comments.  I will go read it.

So, why am I doing this? Several reasons, some greedy, some altruistic.

First, it lets me know of more blogs out there — and I like finding something interesting on a blog, even if it’s the “same old thing rephrased.”

Second, it lets OTHER READERS of my site know of your blog – free advertising for your site. (Which is why pingbacks get blocked. Since I moderate your first post, odds are I’ll catch most such spam.)

Third, it advertises MY site in yet another place – the reciprocal of the second reason. Just switch the first and second person pronouns and consider them in place here.

Fourth, it encourages you to WRITE. An awful lot of blogs get started and then die from lack of posting. By making all your more thoughtful — well, your more than “me too” — comments on YOUR page, you get in the habit of putting something there regularly.  Which gives me more things to read and enjoy.  (Not to mention inspiration for yet another post…)

So post and link as well as comment.  It’s good for all of us, fragile ego’d players that we are…

~ by Kirk on October 5, 2007.

15 Responses to “bloggers making comments”

  1. Oh I’ve practiced that for a while Kirk =). But even then, it’s usually on incredible segways. Seeing as I try to limit myself on one post a day, it means I’ll have to get much more creative when I link to your blog among others.

  2. Back when I was a political blogger this sort of thing was common practice. It’s less common in the WoW blogosphere it seems, however I do try to craft my longer replies as separate blog posts.

    (For example, my post on raiding addon archetypes was actually started in the comments box over at Rawr!)

    Oh crap….. should this have been a post? =P

  3. You know, that brings up a question I’ve been meaning to ask…so I’ll ask it here, and probably again on my blog: My weekly article on “blog highlights”–good for you? Bad for you? Would you prefer a more timely post from me, rather than the weekly compendium?

    (And you shan’t be rid of me THIS easily; I’ll still comment here!) 😉

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  5. Um does that mean I can’t post here my comments and thoughts here anymore since I do not have a blog of my own?

  6. Oh, heck no, Mojo. It’s meant for the blog-owners. If you don’t have a blog, comment here – please.

  7. @Kestrel
    You kill me sometimes… As for me, I’d prefer the weekly installment. Anything more than maybe 2x a week I think would junk up your blog… and I like your blog as it is 😉 I don’t think it hurts anything to get the referral a couple of days later. My 2 cents 🙂

    Great idea!

  8. Wow. Uh, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Please forgive the newb blogger question, but is there anything special I need to do to create this link? I see how it shows up due to Matticus’s post, but what are the mechanics and details of how to make it happen?


  9. Daxenos,

    It depends on the particular program you’re using, but basically you click on the title of the article to which you’re responding so as to get its url. Then you’ll write something – say, “Kirk says (and i disagree)”. Highlight the Kirk Says, and find your link icon, click it, then copy and paste the url of the address to this article in the resulting helper.

    Or, if you’re up on html you can write it directly into the post.

  10. Ok, I linked a blog entry to this page; will my blog entry appear eventually as Matticus’s entry above? Or do I have to do something special for it to appear as a comment?


  11. Dax, it looks like you did it right. Knowing blogger, the link will show up in my comments sometime in the next 24 hours or so, at which point (just to show you it worked) I’ll approve the link.

    Yes, first time from any source is moderated.

  12. Do you have an RSS feed for this site?

  13. Yes, but it’s not a separate button as the template I’m using doesn’t like that.

    If you’re using firefox there’ll be a subscription button in the address line (to the right of the url).

    If you’re using internet explorer then there’s a toolbar button – or you can key alt-j – to get the feed.

    Finally, you can go to your reader and add the subscription using the line:

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  15. […] going to pass on the message from Kirk and Kestrel and try to set an example for everyone else: If you have a blog, use it to comment. It […]

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