Possible slowdown of posting warning

I will still strive to get my goal of at least one post a day next week Monday through Friday. Things are conspiring to make this a challenge. I try to avoid personal news in this blog, but since this may affect a few of you reading – warning, not a darn thing about Priests, Guilds, WoW, or even MMORPGs follows…

Allegedly, it is my vacation. That is to say, I will not punch the clock at the doors of the employer who pays my salary. However, the honeydo list my wife has been working upon has, as of last night, an estimated 90 hours of labor — and she had more ideas this morning.

Additionally, I have a minor injury that is in the midst of examination and treatment – said treatment having reached the point of the doctor saying “The MRI and all that stuff is back and I’ve looked at it, come in and let’s figure out which of my peers’ golf games you’re subsidizing – and by how much…” Actually, that’s not fair. The doctor’s been quite good at figuring out the root of the problem and solving some of the secondary issues, and I expect him to be equally satisfactory for the rest of the process as well. (No, no secrets. Apparently I fought a little too hard in a recent sparring match at a martial arts class, and in the process sprained a rotator cuff which in turn moved a minor irritant pinched nerve into the “hey, that’s not supposed to happen” zone. The sprain’s healed (mostly) and the exams have shown it’s a pinched nerve in the shoulder as opposed to the originally-suspected carpal tunnel. Anyway…)

Finally – and toward the longer term of my posting – my wife wisely called me an idiot. This time’s stupidity went something like:

“OK, you are doing about 3 or 4 thousand words a day between blogs and lists, right? ”

“Yes, something like that.”

“And, you’ve got these plots outlines, character studies written, all just sitting here waiting for you to write your stupid books that you’re going to finish ‘someday’, right?”

“…. yes…” (I see the trap, but I’m not getting away from it)

“So, why not shift what gets your writing time so you can put, oh, a quarter of it into your story?”

“ummm, interest?”

“ummm… Blogs are free. Lists are free. Books, you could get paid. You are now INTERESTED. Right?”

… enough said.


~ by Kirk on October 5, 2007.

3 Responses to “Possible slowdown of posting warning”

  1. Looks like it’s time to rearrange priorities:

    1. WoW playing time…..
    2. No time for anything else, sorry. /fade

  2. I’m starting my vacation this weekend too. But my honey-do list looks like this, starting Sunday:

    1. Get up at 5:30
    2. Catch 7:45 am flight to Denver
    3. Catch noon flight to Honolulu
    4. ?
    5. Tuesday: meet 3-yr-old granddaughter (and her parents) at Honolulu International.
    6. PLAY! EAT! DRINK! (in moderation, of course)

  3. However, I doubt Fade will help. He built too much aggro. ^_^

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

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