A little weedcutting – 2.3 macro changes

While there are several changes scheduled (see the forum post for more) there are two that have caught my eye. Nothing big – for us – but interesting nonetheless.

First, and actually a comment brought from another thread, Blizzard is trying to do something that makes the /stopcasting line in macros unnecessary. * The spell casting mechanism will be improved to remove the need for /stopcasting workarounds on high-latency connections or ‘fallthrough’ instant cast macros. “ is the actual quote. More accurately, is trying to counter the lag problem with this being a consequence. What this will mean is space savings.

You may have noticed some of my macros getting really dense. There’s a hard limit of 255 characters that forces this. Each /stopcasting line is 13 characters (12 typed plus a carriage return) taking up valuable real estate – almost 5% of my limit. Not a big deal for most of you, of course, but for us macro hounds it’s a pretty big deal.

Second, and of more use to druids than to us, is this line. ” * UPDATED – /cancelform will be recognized instantly (as /dismount is currently).”

What this means for the shadowpriest is that they can set up a macro – say:

/cast [target=player] Greater Heal

And it’s a one-click macro that starts GH instantly. No wait for the GCD, just “poof”.

Now, I said it’s going to be most useful for the druids – particularly the druid tanks and cats. From Nandini’s post in the forum referenced comes this macro:

/use Super healing Potion
/use Master Healthstone
/cast Dire Bear Form()

It is – grab your chairs – a one-click macro. Currently that takes two clicks. The bear (and cat) still lose rage/energy for changing form, but… Hey, BBB and Karthis (to name two druid tanks I know read this blog), think you can get by with an instant macro that lets you grab health like that?

Based on various comments there are other bombshells in the macros which I hope to find. But I thought I’d bring these to your attention as well.

~ by Kirk on October 11, 2007.

3 Responses to “A little weedcutting – 2.3 macro changes”

  1. “Hey, BBB and Karthis (to name two druid tanks I know read this blog), think you can get by with an instant macro that lets you grab health like that?”

    Being a tankie druid it is of minor use to me, since I often cannot risk hopping out of bear form even for a second. There are some fights (Moroes, Oz, Curator) where I could use it to speed up my innervate/battle res sequences.

    For soloing it is awesome though – I could see converting all of my healing spells into little /cancelform macros.

    I’ll post more on my blog a little later on.

  2. Actually, there is a druid practice called power shifting.

    Most druids who tank / feral DPS have talents to give them rage / energy when they go into bear/cat.

    So when they hit their macro, the go to caster form then back to form againthey have 40 energy again, and a little less mana. Or more rage.

    This change just made sustained druid DPS / OTing much easier.

  3. FYI, no need to put /cancelform before a /cast command. Unless you have the feature disabled, casting a spell will automatically take you out of a shapeshift form.

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