On professions, again, but…

I’ve made a few recommendations regarding professions, but what the heck. See, this time I’m going to discuss what I CHOOSE while leveling, and why.

I always choose a gathering and a crafting profession for my priests. Now while any of the three work, I tend to avoid mining. Quite simply, both herbalism and skinning are faster. hmmm, let me expand that slightly.

At any given ‘level’, one item of ore (copper, iron, whatever) or bar is going to sell for more than one herb or leather. But… I can strip a plant of all its herbs in one click while it takes a click per ore for mining — and there tend to be more herb sites in an area than ore sites, meaning on any given circle I can get more. That said, until I get to higher levels I can make more in an hour of mining than I can in an hour of herbing. But skinning… Skins tend to be not much less than equivalent level mining – say, 2:3 (that is, I can get about the same amount of funds for 2 ores or 3 skins — generally speaking, of course). And there are a LOT of places I can darn near stand still and let the skins come to me. And best of all — I get experience points while getting these skins.

What this boils down to is that unless the crafting profession I’ve chosen is alchemy, I tend take skinning as my gathering profession. Re-summarized – it earns the most money for time AND tends to earn experience in the process.

But as I said, I also choose a crafting profession. Despite all the advice, I almost never take tailoring while leveling my priest – if I take it, it’s a power-level once I’m at the highest level. See, my criteria for selecting a craft for leveling is how useful it’s going to be for me while I level. And crafting… isn’t useful. Drops beat most everything you can make till you’re over 300, and until you’re over 350 you can pretty much buy whatever you need — and in most auction houses, you can sell the mats, buy the item, and have made a profit.

And the other “favorite” – enchanting – is almost as bad. Now sometimes you can make decent money disenchanting items and selling the mats, but if you’re seriously intending to level the real deal is… you lose till you are, again, over 300. Again, sell stuff, buy the mats, have the job done — and you can tip the enchanter and still make a profit. The exception here is that there are a few enchants that are uncommon enough you’ll have to track them down or do them yourself. And I have recommended that you always put cheap enchants on your gear — the gains are well worth the pittances spent. But it’s not one of my professions I choose while leveling.

No, I tend to go with one of two crafting professions as a priest – alchemy and engineering.

Now, alchemy suffers (at first glance) from the same problems as tailoring and enchanting — the mats cost more than the finished product. BUT… there are a LOT of very useful potions at just about every step of the way. And if you are making your own you can provide an almost constant boost in something while leveling. Still, if I’ve chosen alchemy I tend to choose herbing as my gathering skill. I’ll not make as much money, but I’ll also significantly reduce my crafting cost.

Perhaps oddly, my favorite crafting profession while leveling is engineering. The key to it, for me, is to recognize it’s ONLY for me. The reason I choose it, however, is that there are some extraordinarily useful things for the leveling priest. Historically, I used to drop it when I got near 60/70 and pick up something for that high-level scoring, but with some of the recent recipes I may be keeping it for Phoradendron. hmmm – I suppose I should mention what recipes I consider so important.

Basically, there are three groups. These are headpieces, dummies, and pets. Oh, the fun pets are one thing, but – I invite your attention to the mechanical harvester (sorry – the Compact Harvest Reaper Kit) which gives you a level 35 tank – er, pet – for 10 minutes. Practice aggro management, and grind happily. For dummies, the Advance Target Dummy has saved my bacon more than once — and doesn’t use my psychic scream cooldown, either. And headpieces – I can wear flying tiger goggles (+4 STA, +4 SPI, 27 Armor) at, well, I wore a set a level 10 once (can you say Twink with lots of help from other alts? yes, I knew you could). The only requirement is engineering level.

There are a couple of specials I can’t resist as an engineer. Blowup Sheep – sorry, Exploding Sheep are on everyone’s list, I think. And I’ve added the Seaforium charges ever since Blizzard’s patch allowed me to use them to open lockboxes.

But these are my choices for my fun – with some of the reasoning behind them. Your choices… Please, remember rule one. If it’s not fun, do something else.

~ by Kirk on October 15, 2007.

2 Responses to “On professions, again, but…”

  1. hmm, you don’t mention JC? I have it. I hate it:-( I’m going to love it 🙂 I eventually made 2 usefull BoP trinkets at JC +-220, Priest+-65
    1. a Jade owl that adds small +int +spi BUT on use, it restores 30mana per second for 12 seconds
    2. a bunnyrabbit that increases run spead and on use, it give me a short lived high speed turbo boost

    I swap these 2 around when I’m running around or fighting…and the turbo boost is ideal for when I’m surprised by mobs while running around…and I can imagine the flag runner applications

    The mana owl does have an upgrade…working on it very slowly!

  2. oooh, and being able to create my +13 healing red gems ROX!!! I got an item with 3 of these babies in it:-) and altoggether have 8 red slots on my character, each filled with one of these.
    I’m now +-lvl325 JC, and cannot buy anymore vendor recipes. I have to grind Rep with various factions to learn more.

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