so that’s a vacation….

As I warned you all, last week was my vacation.  As you can see, I didn’t get a lot of writing done here.  I didn’t get a lot of writing on other things done, either, nor did I get much WoW time.  Instead, I made a dent in the honey-do list.  I’m back, and I will try to catch up.

Like Galadria and Phaelia and Ego, I’ve another priest alt who’s a tiny bit lower than 70, and I’ve decided to level him.  My longterm intent is that I swap shadow-holy as opportunity arises.  Unlike a couple of the others, this priest has been around for a while – I used to be part of a BG twink guild with this one, so he’s pretty decently geared for here/now (though he did healing, so I’ve had to respec and the gear isn’t ideal in that way.)  Presently level 31, he’s a Draenai priest – Phoradendron by name (Undermine server if you’re wanting to see his current status on armory.

I’ll be using him for some of the lessons I write – there are a number of things I’ve forgotten on the “way up” which I will undoubtedly encounter.  Sadly, he’s alliance, so there will be times where horde can skip easily past (or has special burdens) I’ll have to ignore.  And as a casual player I’m NOT going to create yet another alt – I’ve too many already.

Yaknow?  I’ll mention my other alts while Im at it – their progress will be in fits and starts, and since they’re not priests I’ll not add comments about them.  But since this is an administrivia post, I’ll introduce them before tucking them out of the way.  There’s my dwarven warrior, Panaxginseng.  I’ve a Night Elf Druid (Sorbus).  And I’ve Orc (Recutita) and Draenai (Urtica) hunters.  If you’re attentive enough, you can probably guess the names of the hunters’ pets — no rewards, just the pleasure of knowing you can observe and deduce.  (Solanaceae, the warlock, will probably never be advanced.  But I’d be amiss if I did not include …)

~ by Kirk on October 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “so that’s a vacation….”

  1. Welcome back, Kirk. We missed you!

    Well, okay, I missed you. But I’m getting a new scope!

    Next time for sure!

  2. sigh – silly marine, er, bear. Did no one teach you to zero your weapon? Or… did you forget you can’t use it in bear form?

  3. hehe

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