The Chakra

AKA the frisbee, aka the Prayer of Mending. There is a (somewhat) offensive use of it I’d like to pass on.

As we all are quite aware, when the PoM heals, the healed party gets the threat. No big news there. But have you considered the consequences?

Ponder just for a moment. The PoM uses about as much mana and does almost as much healing as Flash Heal (rank 8) even if it only heals one person. So you’re looking at a fun multi-mob pull, and you KNOW the tank is going to take a beating. And experience tells you that about the time the first mob dies one of the extras is going to make someone besides the tank George. You, priest, can help prevent that.

Cast – as we usually do – PoM before the pull. Only ask the tank to delay the pull for the cooldown – a mere ten seconds. As SOON AS the frisbee pops, cast another one on the tank. And repeat every time the cooldown clears till you’ve cast at least four frisbees on the tank.

Yep, you just put all that healing aggro on the tank. You can make it better, of course. Don’t use any other heals if you can avoid it – let the tank’s health drop a bit. And if you MUST heal, use the Binding Heal – which generates LESS threat than a normal heal. Big deal, you ‘wasted’ healing on yourself. Your tank’s healthier, your threat level is way lower, and your tank’s threat level is way higher.

Now, after about 4 of these stop interrupting. In fact, consider stopping the use of the chakra for a while. See, there’s another use. Yes, you’ve tried to cement the tank as the aggro leader, but sometimes something happens…

And you have to fade. I’ve discussed fading before. I still recommend running inside 20 yards range of your tank before fading so the “jump” in threat makes the return of threat to the tank more likely. But if you also happen to throw the chakra at the tank… every little bit helps, and you’re still healing even while trying to escape. It’s an instant, remember, so you can cast while moving.

Use the frisbee offensively. Use your Chakra.

Digression. The chakra (also Chakram, Chacra, Chakar) is a weapon of India – though in later development it became known as a weapon of the Sikh’s of India. It’s a ring of metal, highly sharpened on the outside. Unlike the chakra of both Krishna and Zena (or the PoM), it does not act like a boomerang, nor is it able to hit multiple targets. And that’s your tidbit for the day.

~ by Kirk on October 17, 2007.

5 Responses to “The Chakra”

  1. Yep, for multi-mob pulls in 5-man instances, I almost always start off with 2 PoMs.

    I lurve my PoM something fierce.

  2. That’s a great idea! I’ll be trying it out the next time I’m in an instance. Thanks for the tip!


  3. […] other classes without actually having to play them up to 70. I have to admit.. when I read this from Priestly Endeavors I started to feel a little smidge of jealousy. I mean.. wow.. they get an instant cast spell.. that […]

  4. great tip! I’ll definitely play with my Chakra today.

  5. WRT warlocks.. (the frisbee sucking fiends). Hellfire (even rank 1) will pass it on.

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