A couple of addons

In the previous post I decided Fubar_RegenFu was a must-have addon for me (stats nerd that I am). But I’ve a couple more to recommend.

Now, I would go nuts with addons if I could – ooooo, toys… But I play on a laptop – one that’s about two years old now. This means very restricted memory, processor, and screen — I’ve got Estate-type tastes living in an efficiency apartment. sigh. The good news is that if you’re using my recommendations you know it’s going to be workable. Not perfect, but workable, for letting you just play.

So what else have I added that I recommend? Let’s start with the other “Must Have” I’ve added. SCT_Cooldowns.

[EDIT = SOME WRONG INFO FOLLOWS – strikethroughs to correct.  ] OK, SCT (Scrolling Combat Text) is a pretty thing that really doesn’t do much for me. It parses the combat log for a few things (mostly damage to me, but there are a few other things) and scrolls them above my character – in colored text so I have a quick idea if it’s crit or spell or… And SCTD adds the ability to see the damage I’m causing. Yes, and heals. All that said, big deal. Except there’s SCTC. SCTC will tell me when a cooldown is complete. In the color and font I want. I have to have STC, but I can turn off all the other alerts if I want. Oh, I can also configure SCTC so it will also tell me cooldown is up in xx seconds, or change the message, or… Trinkets and spells and talents that have cooldowns will nevermore be unnoticed by me. Seriously – a big message in the middle of my screen saying INNER FOCUS IS READY in glaring red letters… yep, not missed again. Oh, and I’ve been testing this with my shadowpriest (not yet high enough to get all the toys, but… Spell priority, anyone? Again, SCT and SCTD are nice. SCT is a prerequisite for SCTC, though, and that is now on my MUST HAVE list. [If it won’t do trinkets too, it’s not so high on my list.  Playing…]

The other thing I’ve played with will probably go away, though if I had just a little more power I’d keep it. I’ve been playing with HUDs, and really like ARCHud. To be honest, if I REALLY had to have a HUD, I’d use ICEhud – it does the basics with a lot less memory/cpu cycles. But I’m a bit fonder of the configuration options of ARCHud, so… Oh – for those of you who haven’t tried a hud, I’ll recommend trying one or two. They’re very easy to get used to, even for healers.

NOTE: All the preceding are ACE2 files. The primary source is files.wowace.com, but you can download them from your favorite provider.


~ by Kirk on October 19, 2007.

3 Responses to “A couple of addons”

  1. I use a scrolling text mod, but I don’t know that I would use this. I don’t really pay much attention to the text during combat. I’m more interested in when my dots wear off and I like a bar I can see count down for that.

    I can’t comment on how useful it would be for healing.

  2. I used to use Regen_Fu, but I didn’t like where it would place the countdown, and I didn’t look at the stats much, so now I just use the built in 5 sec rule line that’s built into Xperl Unit frames.

    An alternative you also might want to look at for SCT is Parrot, and I believe it has multiple cooldown configurations in there also.

  3. I think it sounds great… I use SCT (doesnt everybody?) and I’m pretty sure I use SCTD, but I know I don’t have the cooldown addon.

    Thanks Kirk!

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