Light my fire

I’d like to pass along a small tip – more useful to the lower level priest, but I’ve used it at level 70.  Quite simple, really – if you’re going to be in an area for a bit, or if you’re about to fight a boss that will take more than a few seconds, consider building a campfire.

The fire lasts ten minutes.  While it burns, anyone who is within 10 yards (maybe 15, but I’m having trouble confirming that) for four seconds will get a one-minute buff of +4 spirit.

Wahoo.  1 more mana every 2 seconds OFSR.  By itself, big deal.  Yet as I’ve mentioned more than once before, WoW is a game of incrementals, and a little here and a little there eventually adds up.

The real downside at lower levels is that you’ll need two bag slots.  One for the flint and tinder  (1 silver 35 copper) and one for the stack of simple wood (at 38 copper apiece, easily affordable).

Oh, just for the pedantic… no, you can’t stack cozy fire buffs from multiple campfires.


~ by Kirk on October 26, 2007.

2 Responses to “Light my fire”

  1. so sweet, so simple. so stupid of me not to think of it before 😉 thanks

  2. You know, I have learned the fire skill on every one of my 5 characters that reached 60+, and not one of them has ever made a fire. Now, I think I may have a reason to bother. Granted I don’t know that this will help my holy pally much at all. Still the reactions of players in the instance would probably be worth it.

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