raidframes, again

As noted in an earlier post, I was trying some various raidframe options.  I’d settled upon and have been using sRaidFrames for a while — it was darn close to being “all I wanted” in the balance of information and small load.  But there’s a component missing, and I have to bid regretful farewell.

sRaidFrames doesn’t show pets.  Now as a healer I don’t HAVE to heal pets, but in my humble opinion the pet’s contribution is a significant portion of the owning player’s contribution – and I serve the party very well indeed if I keep the pet alive too.  I’m willing to let the pet die if the circumstances warrant (too busy, etc), but letting it die because I cannot see it – especially when I’m supposed to be group heals and I’ve got plenty of time and mana – is unacceptable.

And the kicker is that I was browsing sRaidFrames developer’s notes and discovered the pet issue is a known issue and that there are no plans to add them.  Which means hunters and warlocks say goodbye.  And healers who, like me, think pets are partymembers too.

Back to the decision tree…

~ by Kirk on November 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “raidframes, again”

  1. Not necessarily ideal, but I could suggest PitBull, which does come with raid pet frames.

    Or, if you’re using Grid, there’s an independent snap-in also displaying pets, I hear.

    Both should be found at or at

    Hope that helps.

  2. For the past week or so, we’ve been running Headless Horseman as a raid, with 6-10 people (actually, I think the most we ever had was 9).

    Most of the time I was just pulling the group boxes out of the default (Blizzard) raid frame. And I clearly understand why there are 3rd-party raid frames.

    Back before TBC, I used the Discord mods–Action Bars, Unit Frames, Buttons. Except for Discord Unit Frames, which has been modded by someone other than the original author to work in 2.x, I’ve had to abandon them. But I plan this weekend to see what I can do for raid frames with DUF. Don’t know if you’ve tried it, but I’ll let you know if it’s adaptable for raids (never considered it before, since I haven’t raided).

    I abandoned HealBot–just couldn’t get the hang of all the different mouse-button options; I’m a touch typist, so I can use the keyboard much more easily.

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